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3-1/4" Universal Repair Unit

Product Num: AMF 13-452

Manufacturer: AMFLO

20 per Box

Regular: $49.25
Sale: $33.21

T-Handle Insert Plunger

Product Num: APT 7445-01

Manufacturer: Astro Pneumatic

Regular: $1.68
Sale: $1.51

T-Handle Spiral Probe Reamer

Product Num: APT 7445-02

Manufacturer: Astro Pneumatic

Regular: $1.44
Sale: $1.30

50 Pc. 4" Tire Repair Strings

Product Num: APT 7450

Manufacturer: Astro Pneumatic

Regular: $9.25
Sale: $8.03

45 Pc. Tire Repair Tool Kit

Product Num: APT 7445

Manufacturer: Astro Pneumatic

  • Heavy-Duty T-handle Insert Tool and T-handle Spiral Probe Reamer
  • 1 piece - Replacement tool - 3mm Allen Wrench
  • 40 piece - 4" Tire Repair String (Tire Plug)
  • 1 piece - Lubricant

Regular: $25.60
Sale: $18.83

Professional Tire Dunking Tank

Product Num: CRG TS24

Manufacturer: CRG

<ul><li>Professional tire dunker to suit any dunking need</li><li>Fully automated controls reduces risk and pain in dunking a tire</li><li>Makes dunking heavy truck tires easy.</li><li>Maximum wheel diameter: 1350 mm</li><li>Maximum wheel width: 500 mm</li><li>Dimensions: 1500 x 1600 x 1900 mm</li></ul>

Regular: $7,240.00
Sale: $6,154.00

Wheel Weight Tool

Product Num: KD 3358

Manufacturer: KD Tools

  • Tool installs, removes, trims and tightens all types of clip-on wheel weights
  • Features a special plastic-type material on the hammer head for safe, mar-free installation of specially coated wheel weights used on alloy wheels
  • Tool has a plastisol-dipped handle for comfort

Regular: $48.86
Sale: $35.84

Valve Nut Tool

Product Num: KTI 71997

Manufacturer: K Tool International

  • Vehicle manufacturers recommend replacing TPMS sensor nuts and grommets whenever a tire with TPMS is serviced
  • The TPMS 4-way valve tool is a durable, all-in-one tool that can be used to remove sensor nuts and seat sensor grommets
  • This ergonomically designed tool removes both 11mm and 12mm nuts and seats both beveled and nonbeveled grommets

Regular: $7.68
Sale: $6.91

Valve Core Torque Tool

Product Num: KTI 71996

Manufacturer: K Tool International

<ul><li>Durable and precise</li><li>Easily and safely removes and installs TR C1 valve cores to meet manufacturers&apos; requirements for proper torque specifications.</li></ul>

Regular: $15.99
Sale: $14.39

45 Pc. Tire Repair Kit

Product Num: KTI 71930

Manufacturer: K Tool International

For Repairing Tires on Cars, Trucks RVs, Motor Homes & More
  • Easily and quickly repair punctures in tubeless tires
  • Simply prepare the hole with the spiral reamer, load the plug into the insertion needles, and plug the hole
  • Components designed for professional use in rugged shop environments
  • Kit includes: (2) heavy duty zinc alloy T-handles, (2) Allen wrenches, steel insertion needle, steel spiral reamer, 50 pack 4" tire string plugs, tub of tire plug lube and blow-molded carrying case

Regular: $33.47
Sale: $28.69

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