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Carbon Fiber Digital Caliper

Product Num: CT 3C351

Manufacturer: Central Tools

  • Large LCD Panel
  • 4 measurements - inside, outside, depth and step
  • Digital display with inch, metric and fractional read out
  • 6"/150mm range with .0005"/.01mm/1/64" resolution
  • Composite material for superior reliability and durability
  • Push button conversion

Regular: $18.57
Sale: $14.31

0-6" Dial Caliper

Product Num: CT 3C101

Manufacturer: Central Tools

  • .001" graduations; .100" per revolution
  • Measures inside, outside, depth and step

Regular: $54.84
Sale: $42.12

6" / 150MM Fractional Digital Caliper

Product Num: TTN 23173

Manufacturer: Titan / Vaper

  • Easy to read fractions on large LCD display
  • Use for inside, outside, step, depth, and scribe measurements
  • 6" range (150 mm)
  • Set zero at any position in measuring range
  • Fine adjust thumbwheel
  • Lock knob
  • Stainless steel components
  • Protective storage case
  • Includes battery

Regular: $54.09
Sale: $34.09

Electronic Digital Caliper

Product Num: CT 3C301

Manufacturer: Central Tools

<ul><li>Range 0-6&quot;/0-150 mm</li><li>Graduations .0005&quot;/.01 mm</li><li>Easy to read digital display with inch/metric conversion</li><li>4 Measurements - inside, outside, depth and step</li></ul>

Regular: $33.50
Sale: $26.87

Fractiohnal Electronic Digital Caliper, 0-6"/0-150mm

Product Num: CT 3C350

Manufacturer: Central Tools

Regular: $38.52
Sale: $34.67

Car Wheel Caliper

Product Num: SHK 15147

Manufacturer: SHK

Regular: $42.85
Sale: $38.57

Truck Wheel Caliper

Product Num: SHK 15148

Manufacturer: SHK

Regular: $80.95
Sale: $72.86

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