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Micrometer Brake Drum

Product Num: 908500H

Manufacturer: AMMCO

  • Range: 6" - 16.125"

Regular: $582.24
Sale: $494.90

Electronic Digital Rotor Gauge

Product Num: CT 3M430

Manufacturer: Central Tools

  • Range: 0-5"
  • .0005" readout; .001" accuracy
  • Large LCD display
  • Zero position memory
  • English/metric reading
  • Hardened measurement surfaces

Regular: $72.14
Sale: $56.50

Digital Drum Gauge Long Range

Product Num: CT 3B530

Manufacturer: Central Tools

  • Range: 6-20.00"/150-500mm; .0005"/.01mm graduations

Regular: $293.25
Sale: $207.75

Electronic Digital Wheels on Drum Gage, 0-16.65"/0-425mm

Product Num: CT 3B630

Manufacturer: Central Tools

Regular: $342.26
Sale: $249.31

Wheels on Rotor Gage

Product Num: CT 3M335

Manufacturer: Central Tools

<ul><li>Measure rotor without removing the wheel to pre-qualify brake jobs</li><li>Easy access between dust shield and rotor</li><li>Digital read-out with push button inch/metric conversion</li><li>Range: 0-3.50&quot; / 0-88mm</li><li>Graduations: .001&quot; / .01mm</li></ul>

Regular: $111.98
Sale: $83.06

0.3-1.3 DIG. BRAKE MIC

Product Num: FOW 72-234-222-0

Manufacturer: FOW

Regular: $81.73
Sale: $62.78

Disc and Rotor/Ball Joint Gage

Product Num: FOW 72-520-757-0

Manufacturer: FOW

<ul><li>Checks ball joint wear and disc rotor runout.</li><li>Checks tire and wheel runout, gear backlash, valve guide wear, etc.</li><li>Meets state inspection requirements.</li><li>Indicator features 0-1&quot; travel, and .001&quot; graduations.; Inch/Metric</li></ul>

Regular: $97.22
Sale: $78.10

Electronic Calipers

Product Num: FOW 74-101-150-2

Manufacturer: FOW

<ul><li>Range: 6&quot;-150mm</li><li>Accuracy: ±.001&quot;/.02mm</li><li>Stainless steel frame</li><li>Resolution: .0005&quot;/.01mm</li><li>Direct inch/metric conversion.</li><li>4-way measuring.</li><li>Includes molded case.</li></ul>

Regular: $46.67
Sale: $38.54

Poly-Cal® Electronic Caliper

Product Num: FOW 74-101-175-0

Manufacturer: FOW

<ul><li>Range: 6&quot;/150mm</li><li>Resolution .0005&quot;/.01mm (Fractions by 1/64&quot; increments).</li><li>4-way measuring</li><li>Accuracy: ±.008&quot;</li></ul>

Regular: $23.69
Sale: $19.71

Rotocal® with Twin Conical Anvils

Product Num: FOW 74-150-004-0

Manufacturer: FOW

<ul><li>Range: 5.5&quot;/140mm</li><li>Water resistant to IP54 standards.</li><li>Conical anvils measure scored surfaces on both sides of the rotor.</li><li>3.5&quot; jaw depth for larger rotors</li><li>Includes molded case</li></ul>

Regular: $81.60
Sale: $69.12

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