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Lockout Tools


Product Num: LTI 275

Manufacturer: Lock Technology

  • Safely separates door frame from the vehicle body
  • Also separates door panel and weather stripping from window to insert a tool to unlock vehicle

Regular: $35.85
Sale: $32.27

2 Pc. Easy Access Kit

Product Num: LTI 140

Manufacturer: Lock Technology

  • Super multi-purpose easy access tool that collapses for easy storage
  • Includes plastic slip jim and three plastic door wedges
  • Now with rigid design for easy through-the-window reach
  • Screws together for easier access now includes a middle extension piece to go across the car for long reach applications

Regular: $68.86
Sale: $58.32

12 Pc. Deluxe Master Lock Out Kit

Product Num: LTI 450

Manufacturer: Lock Technology

  • Comes with illustrated manual and custom vinyl case
  • Now includes the J-tool

Regular: $72.45
Sale: $65.21

Supreme Master Lock Out Kit

Product Num: LTI 1000

Manufacturer: Lock Technology

  • 18 piece tool kit comes with illustrated manual and custom molded case with vinyl inserts

Regular: $185.74
Sale: $141.25

Non-Marring Wedge

Product Num: STK 32920

Manufacturer: Steck

For Basic Opening of Car Door for Insertion of BigEasy™

Regular: $9.22
Sale: $8.03

BigEasy TM Loop

Product Num: STK 32903

Manufacturer: Steck

Works With All Versions of BigEasy™ Lockout Kits
<ul><li>Snaps on to any of our BigEasy™ Lockout Tools</li><li>Provides easy leverage to pull door handles and window cranks during door unlocking process</li><li>Made from high density poly ethylene</li></ul>

Regular: $10.00
Sale: $8.71

BigEasy TM Extend

Product Num: STK 32905

Manufacturer: Steck

  • Provides additional 12" length on all BigEasy™ kits
  • Reach emergency floor release handles, keys in ignition and opposite side door handles
  • Easily snaps on the end of all BigEasy™ tools
  • Made from glass filled nylon to provide strong but flexible tool that adapts to any angle
  • Mold injected with reflective substance which will ‘Glo’ after absorbing sun light

Regular: $12.00
Sale: $10.46

BigEasy TM Carrying Case For 32950

Product Num: STK 32935

Manufacturer: Steck

<ul><li>Carry your BigEasy™ kit in style</li><li>Convenient pockets to store all your unlocking tools</li></ul>

Regular: $29.95
Sale: $26.12

Easy Wedge

Product Num: STK 32922

Manufacturer: Steck

<ul><li>Controlled opening of the car door for insertion of the BigEasy™</li></ul>

Regular: $33.00
Sale: $28.69

BigEasy TM GLO Kit

Product Num: STK 32950

Manufacturer: Steck

New & Improved BigEasy Glo Glows Brighter!
<ul><li>Glow-in-the-dark yellow allows you to see the tool at night or through tinted windows</li><li>55&quot; long</li><li>Kit Includes:<ul><li>Improved non-marring wedge. Now wider, longer and smoother</li><li>Lock knob lifter for cars with flat lock knobs at the top of the door.</li><li>Paint protector</li></ul></li></ul>

Regular: $45.50
Sale: $39.69

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