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Cooling System Tank Adapter

Product Num: FZ32A

Manufacturer: Assenmacher

  • Made in USA
  • Works with many Domestic vehicles
  • Also works with some Mercedes and Nissan models
  • For pressurizing cooling system.

Regular: $35.99
Sale: $32.27

Tank Adapter

Product Num: FZ25

Manufacturer: Assenmacher

  • Fits Volvo, Mini Cooper (through 2007), Jeep, Land Rover, Renault, Saab and Trucks with 47x3mm threads on the filler neck
  • See application chart
  • Made in USA
  • Included in the #FZ 1002 Cooling System Adapter Set
  • Works on New BMW V8 Twin-Turbo Inter-cooler Coolant Reservoir.

Regular: $36.39
Sale: $32.27

Cap Adapter

Product Num: FZ36

Manufacturer: Assenmacher

  • Works with many different Domestic vehicles
  • Mercedes M Class (163) 1998-2005
  • For testing pressure relief in cooling system cap
  • Made in USA

Regular: $37.38
Sale: $33.14

Cooling System Tank Adapter

Product Num: FZ35A

Manufacturer: Assenmacher

  • GM 1999-2002 models

Regular: $51.87
Sale: $45.77

Tank Adapter

Product Num: FZ41

Manufacturer: Assenmacher

  • Fits the New 2009 Audi A4, Q5 and Q7
  • Applicable to 1996 and newer Audi and 1998 and newer Volkswagen models
  • Also works with Porsche Cayenne
  • Made in the USA
  • See application chart
  • Included in the #FZ 1002 Cooling System Adapter Set

Regular: $51.87
Sale: $45.77

Cooling Adapter Set

Product Num: FZ1002

Manufacturer: Assenmacher

  • Applicable to many European vehicles
  • Use with Any Standard Stant-Style Pressure Tester
  • Made in USA
  • Carrying Case Included
  • This set contains the following adapters: BMW 345, BMW 350, FZ 22, FZ 25, FZ 41 and the M 0349.

Regular: $307.19
Sale: $261.11

Battery Terminal Spreader

Product Num: EZR BK720IM

Manufacturer: EZR

<ul><li>Spreads and cleans clamp in one quick operation</li><li>Prolongs battery terminal life</li><li>A must have for any technician</li><li>Insulated handles</li></ul>

Regular: $13.96
Sale: $12.56

Heavy Duty 800 Amp Replacement Clamp Set

Product Num: FJC 45268

Manufacturer: FJC Inc

Regular: $13.74
Sale: $9.79

Battery Carrier

Product Num: LS 57850

Manufacturer: Lisle

Lift and Carry Batteries Safely
  • Sturdy steel jaws securely hold batteries
  • Spring-action handle turns lifting power into battery gripping pressure
  • Form-fitting handle provides a solid gripping surface for your hand
  • Carrier works on nearly all batteries, from motorcycles to boats
  • Saw-tooth jaw tips provide no-slip battery gripping power
  • Carrier grips the battery just below the top lip for good balance
  • A heavy-duty tool that is built to last

Regular: $17.45
Sale: $14.78

Battery Terminal & Wiper Arm Puller

Product Num: LS 54150

Manufacturer: Lisle

Removes Battery Terminals and Bolted on Wiper Arms
  • A dual-purpose puller. Easily removes stuck battery terminals
  • Tighten knurled cone to force jaws under the cable clamp
  • Turn center screw to lift clamp off terminal
  • Also removes bolted on windshield wiper arms that fit over a tapered spline
  • The puller screw pad is designed to fit the top of the spline post for easy pulling

Regular: $25.95
Sale: $21.47

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