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Trigger Start High Intensity Torch

Product Num: BNZ TS8000BT

Manufacturer: Bernzomatic

  • Multi-Application: Braze, Solder, Heat
  • High intensity flame
  • Instant On-Off trigger increases fuel savings and convenience
  • Lock button keeps torch lit for finger-free use
  • Replaceable brass tip
  • Variable flame control knob

Regular: $85.58
Sale: $77.02

Self Igniting Torch, Uses Propane or Mapp®

Product Num: FIR 0387-0463

Manufacturer: Firepower

  • Lights with pull of a trigger
  • Trigger safety lock
  • 180° swivel tip
  • UL listed

Regular: $91.26
Sale: $82.13


Product Num: IRO BU5

Manufacturer: Solder-IT

Regular: $8.50
Sale: $7.65

Microjet Torch with Extension Tip

Product Num: IRO MJ-310

Manufacturer: Solder-IT

1300°C / 2500°F
<ul><li>Piezo electronic ignition system with patented safety lock.</li><li>Powered by Iroda RC-30C fuel cell or similar disposable butane lighter</li></ul>

Regular: $35.75
Sale: $19.71


Product Num: IRO PT220

Manufacturer: Solder-IT

1300°C / 2500°F
<ul><li>Automatic Piezo ignition</li><li>Complete portability</li><li>Comfortable rubber grip</li><li>Separate controls for fuel and air</li><li>4 hour burn time per fill</li></ul>

Regular: $86.13
Sale: $47.52


Product Num: IRO ES-640CK

Manufacturer: Solder-IT

No Image

Regular: $109.20
Sale: $92.82

Multi-Function Table Torch Kit

Product Num: IRO ES-670CK

Manufacturer: Solder-IT

<ul><li>No cords, can be used anywhere</li><li>2 hours run time on each refill</li><li>Kit Includes:<ul><li>3.2 mm and 10.5 mm Chisel Tip</li><li>1.6 mm Conical Tip</li><li>Hot Blower</li><li>Heat Reflector</li><li>Hot Knife</li><li>Tube of Solder</li><li>Sponge</li><li>Wire Brush</li><li>Sturdy Molded Storage Case</li></ul></li></ul>

Regular: $125.45
Sale: $106.63

SolderPro 120 4-in-1 Kit

Product Num: IRO PRO-120K

Manufacturer: Solder-IT

<ul><li>Equivalent to a power range 30-125 watts.</li><li>Cordless, simple, safe operation anywhere.</li><li>Ready to use 15 seconds after ignition.</li><li>Tank contains fuel for 120 minutes of operation.</li><li>Kit Includes:<ul><li>1 mm Conical Tip</li><li>2 mm Chisel Tip</li><li>Blow Torch Head</li><li>Hot Air Blower with Deflector</li><li>Hot Knife</li><li>Coil of Solder</li><li>Tip Cleaning Sponge</li><li>Spare Orifice Assembly</li><li>Parts Component</li><li>Instructions</li></ul></li></ul>

Regular: $173.88
Sale: $147.80


Product Num: MAS MT-5

Manufacturer: MAS

Regular: $11.79
Sale: $10.61


Product Num: MAS MT-11

Manufacturer: MAS

Regular: $11.79
Sale: $10.61

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