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21 Gallon Air Operated Waste Oil Drainer

Product Num: APT 7356

Manufacturer: Astro Pneumatic

  • Suitable to drain waste oil from engines, gear boxes and differentials of all vehicles
  • Air operated oil drainer with center mounted adjustable collecting bowl
  • Adjustable collecting bowl height to work with jack lift or mechanism
  • Equipped with collecting bowl valve to inspect drained oil before it enters the reservoir

Regular: $532.48
Sale: $452.61

8 Gallon Portable Poly Oil Drain

Product Num: DOW JDI-8DCP

Manufacturer: DOW

  • Translucent tank allows viewing of oil level
  • 18" diameter with funnel strainer
  • 4" HD Casters
  • Adjusts from 48" to 67"
  • Evacuation spout and drain valve

Regular: $117.45
Sale: $95.43

5-Gallon Heavy-Duty Portable Oil Drain

Product Num: DOW JDI-5DCK

Manufacturer: DOW

  • 5-gallon galvanized steel container
  • Large 14" heavy-duty polypropylene funnel
  • Tube adjusts from 40" to 67"
  • 3-3/4" capped drain for easy emptying
  • High-gloss black enamel finish
  • Heavy-duty lock-on caster base
  • Weight 20lbs

Regular: $179.09
Sale: $145.51

18 Gallon Portable Poly Oil Drain

Product Num: DOW JDI-18DCP

Manufacturer: DOW

  • 18" diameter funnel with strainer
  • 2-1/2" heavy-duty casters
  • Evacuation spout and drain valve
  • Adjusts from 48" to 71"

Regular: $230.99
Sale: $156.63

Pump Kit For JDI-17PLP

Product Num: DOW JDI-17PK

Manufacturer: DOW

  • 110v electric pump transfers fluid at 5 GPM
  • 8" evacuation hose

Regular: $332.86
Sale: $215.31

17 Gallon Low-Profile "Poly" Oil Drain

Product Num: DOW JDI-17PLP

Manufacturer: DOW

  • Light weight Polypropylene, dent resistant
  • 4" heavy duty casters
  • Expanded metal shield reduces splash

Regular: $506.11
Sale: $323.31

25-Gallon Heavy Duty Self-Evacuating Oil Drain

Product Num: DOW JDI-25HDC

Manufacturer: DOW

New Features with Superior Quality & Performance in Mind!
<ul><li>Top mounted evacuation quick coupler:</li><ul><li>Easier access</li><li>promotes stability</li><li>Faster transfer of used oil</li></ul><li>reinforced 16" deep drawn centered funnel</li><li>"OSHA" friendly labeling</li><li>Tank mounted fluid level sight guage</li><li>New and improved (4) caster design</li><li>1/2" Plug to simplify tank cleaning</li><li>JDI's exclusive Auto-Check Technology for easy and automatic drain evacuation</li><li>25-gallon heavy-duty steel tank</li><li>Molded poly tool tray</li><li>6' quick connect discharge hose</li><li>Pressire relief valve for added safety</li></ul>

Regular: $817.55
Sale: $664.26

18 Gallon Self Evacuating Waste Oil Drain

Product Num: LN 3601

Manufacturer: Lincoln

  • Combination Evacuation Hose / Sight Gauge
  • Telescoping bowl
  • 45-72" bowl height adjustment
  • Large 14" / 2.5 gal Bowl
  • Fixed air inlet regulator - Pressure relief valve
  • Shop air up to 150 psi
  • Reinforced caster supports

Regular: $323.50
Sale: $217.88

15" Round No Splatter Pad

Product Num: LS 38750

Manufacturer: Lisle

  • Insert 15" diameter pad in funnel or oil pan before oil change to eliminate oil splatter
  • Porous material allows fluid to quickly pass through into funnel or pan
  • Pad material resists engine oil, transmission fluid, coolant, brake fluid, brake cleaner, gear oil and other solvents
  • 15" fits all standard oil lift drain funnels and oil pans
  • Pad can be trimmed for perfect fit
  • Important: not for coolants or fluids that will be recycled in the vehicle. Material fibers may contaminate the fluid
  • 8 per master pack

Regular: $11.45
Sale: $9.38

Transmission Drain Funnel

Product Num: LS 17892

Manufacturer: Lisle

  • Heavy-duty plastic lift drain funnels extend the catch area of any lift drain
  • The funnel catches any loose parts
  • Flexible, if run over it will return to its original shape
  • Super Transmission Drain Funnel fits the Ford E 40D and others
  • The fluted design can be used for draining oil filters

Regular: $24.00
Sale: $21.47

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