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Odor Elimination


Product Num: UV 590150

Manufacturer: Uview

  • Ultrasonic technology
  • Unattended operation and automatic shut-off upon completion
  • Connects to vehicle’s 12V
  • Fast 15 minute service time
  • Works on all vehicles
  • Kit Includes: The MiST™ family of products includes sales support material (Post-service Mirror Danglers, Point-of-Sale Easel, Informational Brochures and Posters)

Regular: $499.48
Sale: $424.56

The Purifier

Product Num: CLP 170AIR

Manufacturer: ClipLight

Fresh Air Ozone Machine
  • Eliminates mold, mildew, and bacteria from mobile AC systems, cabin interiors, and rooms
  • Removes offensive and harmful odors naturally
  • Convenience of AC and DC power with programmable timer
  • Fast, effective, and safe

Regular: $363.99
Sale: $279.13


Product Num: CLP 171AIR

Manufacturer: ClipLight

<ul><li>Kills bacteria, household germs, and micro-organisms that cause offensive odors</li><li>Designed to both deodorize and disinfect car interiors</li><li>Can be used on all hard surfaces including steering wheels, stick shifts, door handles and more.</li><li>Use in all vehicles including cars, buses, trucks, campers, trailers and boats.</li><li>7oz bottle</li></ul>

Regular: $9.99
Sale: $8.99

CarClean System

Product Num: MVC 500-0500

Manufacturer: MVC

The Ultimate A/C Ventilation & Interior Sanitizing System
<ul><li>Eliminates offensive odors</li><li>Treats micro-organism contamination</li><li>Complete service takes only 15 minutes</li></ul>

Regular: $499.48
Sale: $344.94

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