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Giant Button Head Fitting

Product Num: ALE P1823-1

Manufacturer: ALE

<ul><li>1/4 NPTF Inch Thread</li><li>1-1/4 Inch Overall Length</li><li>1/2 Inch Shank Length</li><li>7/8 Inch Hex Size</li><li>Head size helps to minimize breakage</li><li>Maximum pressure: 15, 000 PSI</li><li>Check valve helps to reduce contamination</li></ul>

Regular: $60.61
Sale: $54.55

Grease Fitting Adapter Set

Product Num: APT 9430

Manufacturer: Astro Pneumatic

  • Most popular fitting in one kit
  • Quick connect couplers
  • Includes: Press on 90º angle adapter, straight adapter, 12' hose extension

Regular: $59.95
Sale: $44.82

Grease Joint Rejuvenator

Product Num: IPA 7864

Manufacturer: Innov Prod of America

  • Pocket Model

Regular: $34.95
Sale: $31.39

Grease Joint Rejuvenator®

Product Num: IPA 7862

Manufacturer: Innov Prod of America

Professional Model
<ul><li>Allows a clogged grease fitting or joint to take on grease by injecting light penetrating oil into the grease joint via the grease fitting, thus breaking up and removing any dirt, rust or debris.</li><li>Free up the joint and fitting, enabling them to be greased.</li><li>The Professional Model is optimal for applying grease to large equipment.</li><li>Comes with 5” Flex Hose for hard-to-reach fittings</li></ul>

Regular: $54.95
Sale: $49.34

Rejuvenator Master Kit

Product Num: IPA 7863

Manufacturer: Innov Prod of America

  • Cleans and Unclogs Grease Joints
  • Loosens hardened grease in joints
  • Lubricates and frees bearings
  • Opens clogged fittings and joints

Regular: $76.95
Sale: $69.05

Small Diameter Hydraulic Coupler

Product Num: LN 5852

Manufacturer: Lincoln

  • Smaller outside diameter

Regular: $6.30
Sale: $5.33

18" Whip Hose Extension

Product Num: LN G218

Manufacturer: Lincoln

  • For manual or air powered grease guns
  • 1/8" NPT male thread

Regular: $7.15
Sale: $6.21

90° Grease Coupler

Product Num: LN 5883

Manufacturer: Lincoln

Regular: $9.00
Sale: $8.03

Flex Hose Grease Needle

Product Num: LN 5807

Manufacturer: Lincoln

With Threaded Protective Cap
  • Allows access into difficult-to-reach areas
  • Includes a quick connect coupler to limit grease by pass
  • Attaches to all 3 and 4 jaw grease guns

Regular: $11.10
Sale: $9.86

Hydraulic Coupler

Product Num: LN 5845

Manufacturer: Lincoln

  • Ball check prevents leaks

Regular: $12.10
Sale: $10.73

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