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Wheel Dollies

Heavy Duty Hydraulic Wheel Dolly

Product Num: BLK BH8075

Manufacturer: BLK

  • Hydraulic system provides smooth, positive power for the removal and installation of single, tandem and duplex tires and wheels.
  • Lift arms can be adjusted to handle different wheel combinations.
  • Capacity: 3/4 ton
  • Lifting Range: 3-1/2" x 11-3/4"

Regular: $717.02
Sale: $454.94

High-Grip Wheel Chocks - 2 Pk.

Product Num: ERN 980

Manufacturer: ERN

<ul><li>Works great on shop floors or lifts.</li><li>Rubberized material provides extra slip resistance.</li><li>High compression</li></ul>

Regular: $19.95
Sale: $17.96

1500 Lb Vehicle Positioning System

Product Num: OT 1580

Manufacturer: OTC

  • Hydraulic lift mechanism with locking pin
  • Fits tread widths up to 12"
  • Sold individually -- used in pairs

Regular: $199.95
Sale: $169.96

Truck Dual Wheel Dolly

Product Num: OT 1770A

Manufacturer: OTC

  • Remove, transport, and replace dual wheel and tire assemblies without strain or struggle
  • 1, 500 lb capacity and 3-1/2" swivel casters provide easy maneuverability
  • Provides 0 to 5" of lift and tilts wheel assembly 4° to prevent damage to wheel seal
  • Floor space is 45" by 41"
  • Includes a 6' support chain to hold load in place

Regular: $1,699.95
Sale: $1,444.96


Product Num: HWA HW93766

Manufacturer: Hein-Werner

Regular: $1,863.00
Sale: $1,583.55

Snowmobile, Snowplow Dolly

Product Num: PER W41061

Manufacturer: PER

<ul><li>Set of 3</li><li>1500 lb capacity</li></ul>

Regular: $68.98
Sale: $40.37

4th Wheel Loader

Product Num: STK 71480

Manufacturer: Steck

Easily Load Vehicles with Damaged Wheels
<ul><li>Allows tow truck drivers to safely load and secure a vehicle with broken ball joints, lost wheels, locked wheels or brakes, collision damage and control arm failures on their roll back wreckers. </li><li>It also allows mechanics and body technicians to steer the vehicle into the shop and guide it to lifts or frame racks for repair.</li><li>Tough 24&quot; x 14&quot; hardened aluminum fabricated platform with (2) 4&quot; x 10&quot; Polypropylene roller wheels, (6) 5/8&quot; holes for mini-J hooks for loading assistance and 1&quot; axles which provides a safe platform to easily hold and secure up to 5 tons while loading a vehicle with broken ball joints and/or a damaged wheel/tire on a roll back. </li><li>For wheel failures like locked brakes or broken wheels simply lift the damaged vehicle and place the wheel in the large 10&quot; x 10&quot; recessed pocket of the 4th Wheel Loader and chain the wheel assembly with our Load Binder with a &quot;T&quot; end to the locking slots on the Loader platform.</li><li>Comes with a 6&apos; x 3/16&quot; chain, hand adjustable screw type Load Binder and 3/8&quot; extension nut that will easily connect to the chain and Loader base unit by hand or wrench to secure the load and pull the car up on the roll back or allow the technician to steer the damaged vehicle into the shop.</li><li>The Loader is 4&quot; high (without shim blocks) with a built in 6” X 1 ¼” handle which will allow you to store the 25 lb. Loader behind your seat or tool box.</li><li>Comes with one 10” x 10” x 3” and one 10” x 10” x 1 1/2” Polypropylene interlocking shim blocks, which fit into the recessed Loader pocket. </li><li>The shims allow the driver to raise the vehicle with busted ball joints, lost wheels and severely bent axles and place it at a desired height for secure loading on the roll back. </li><li>Simply insert the desired shim(s) in the pocket then lift the damaged vehicle and place the rotor, solid axle or control arm to the desired level on the shim block(s) placed in the 4th Wheel Loader pocket and chain to the locking slots on the Loader platform.</li><li>Shim design also has a 3” slot cutout to allow the lower control arm to nestle securely on the shim.</li></ul>

Regular: $395.00
Sale: $335.75


Product Num: UNI 456R

Manufacturer: Unitech / Zendex

Regular: $99.00
Sale: $89.10


Product Num: UNI 5000L

Manufacturer: Unitech / Zendex

Regular: $239.00
Sale: $203.15


Product Num: UNI G4500

Manufacturer: Unitech / Zendex

Regular: $295.00
Sale: $250.75

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