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Engine Support

Engine Transverse Bar with Support Arm

Product Num: APT 5820

Manufacturer: Astro Pneumatic

  • Makes removal of transaxle easy by supporting engine of front wheel drive vehicles
  • Support Arm provides three point support for off-center loads
  • Includes 1/8" braided steel cables and 14" adjustable hooks
  • Capacity: 700lbs.

Regular: $97.90
Sale: $71.75

Heavy Duty Engine Stand

Product Num: BLK BH5106

Manufacturer: BLK

  • Constructed from heavy-gauge welded square tubular steel
  • Extra-long handle with rubber grip for easy rotation and maneuvering
  • Head plate rotates 360º
  • Capacity: 1250lbs
  • Overall Height: 42-3/4"

Regular: $268.33
Sale: $181.06


Product Num: OME 31256

Manufacturer: Omega Lift Equipment

No Image

Regular: $548.80
Sale: $466.48

1-1/2 Ton Underhoist Stand

Product Num: OT 2015A

Manufacturer: OTC

  • Lifting height of 54-1/4" to 80-3/4"; saddle measures 5-1/4" x 1-1/4". 11-7/8" dia. Base

Regular: $139.95
Sale: $118.06

1-1/2 Ton Underhoist Stand with Foot Pedal Mechanism

Product Num: OT 2016A

Manufacturer: OTC

1-1/2 Ton Underhoist Stand With Foot Pedal Mechanism

Regular: $159.95
Sale: $135.96

Engine Support Bar

Product Num: OT 4324

Manufacturer: OTC

  • 1100 pounds capacity
  • Adjustable range: 57" x 27" width
  • Features two hook assemblies for ease of use
  • Tubular steel construction for long life
  • Rubber padded support legs ensure stability during use
  • Includes two 36" chain assemblies

Regular: $209.95
Sale: $178.46

3 Arm Engine Support Bar

Product Num: OT 1725

Manufacturer: OTC

  • Cutting edge, patent pending design self-centers load to prevent tipping on inclined surfaces.
  • Smooth sliding legs adjust easily to different vehicle widths
  • PVC-coated support legs don’t scratch vehicle surfaces
  • ‘Quick Connect" third-point bar makes setup a snap
  • Spinner handle enables lightning fast adjustment

Regular: $299.95
Sale: $252.88

750 lb. Engine Stand

Product Num: SX 8750

Manufacturer: Sunex

<ul><li>Fully adjustable mounting head and adaptor fingers.</li><li>Long handle rotates mounting head.</li><li>Two rigid rear caster wheels and two front ball bearing mounted swivel caster wheels for easy maneuverability</li></ul>

Regular: $193.99
Sale: $157.50


Product Num: HWA HW93776

Manufacturer: Hein-Werner

Regular: $8,720.00
Sale: $7,412.00

2-Ton Tripod-Style Engine Stand

Product Num: KTI 61003

Manufacturer: K Tool International

<ul><li>Features sturdy, welded steel construction for superior safety and strength</li><li>The heavy gauge, steel frame with 24" base helps prevent distortion or twisting</li><li>Pin-style adjustments features 5 levels of support</li><li>Lifting range: 49" to 79"</li><li>Low height: 49"</li><li>Extended height: 79" </li><li>Tripod base: 24"</li><li>Weight: 40 lbs</li></ul>

Regular: $153.00
Sale: $130.05

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