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End Lifts

4 Ton Power Jack

Product Num: APP 14100

Manufacturer: APP

  • Must For The Off-Roader
  • Lightweight For Easy Use
  • Low Pick Up, Lifting Nose
  • Only 4.5" From The Base
  • 4" Long Lifting Nose
  • Safety Shear Pin

Regular: $123.65
Sale: $105.10

10 Ton Air Lift

Product Num: OT 1590

Manufacturer: OTC

  • Adjustable lifting saddles and an extra wide stance for extra stability
  • 10 tons of lift at 200 PSI air pressure
  • Lifting range is 13" to 52"
  • Automatic mechanical safety catch engages in five height positions

Regular: $5,799.95
Sale: $4,217.81

2 Pc. Mobile Vehicle Lift System

Product Num: OT 1520

Manufacturer: OTC

<ul><li>Mobile, tandem system is air-operated to handle your class 7 and 8 tractor lifting needs.</li><li>Unique design provides lift from the tires, not the frame or axle members.</li><li>Ideal for situations where limited ground clearance or a lack of clear access complicates lifting.</li><li>Single controller operates both sides of the system for a smooth, level lift up to two full feet from the bottom of the tires to the ground.</li><li>Units can double as support stands when retention pin is inserted.</li><li>Covered by OTC Lifetime Marathon Warranty</li><li>Capacity: 10-tons (20, 000 lbs. pair)</li><li>Air pressure: 150 PSI</li><li>Lifting range: 0&quot;–24&quot;</li></ul>

Regular: $15,499.95
Sale: $11,273.44

Double Bag Rak Jak

Product Num: UNI DBT2

Manufacturer: Unitech / Zendex

  • 2 Ton Capacity
  • The fastest way to place cars in pinch weld clamps
  • 8 seconds to lift
  • 5 3/4" to 13 1/2" -- 25 lbs

Regular: $579.00
Sale: $492.15

Triple Bag Rak Jak

Product Num: UNI TBT2

Manufacturer: Unitech / Zendex

  • 2 Ton Capacity
  • 6.812" to 18"
  • 41 lbs

Regular: $769.00
Sale: $653.65

Yak 2.2 Ton Air Bladder Jack

Product Num: ESC 92011

Manufacturer: ESC

No Image

Regular: $678.00
Sale: $576.30

Yak 2.2 Ton Air Bladder Jack

Product Num: ESC 92011P

Manufacturer: ESC

Includes FREE Yak Extension for Yak Air

Regular: $742.00
Sale: $630.70


Product Num: HWA HW93690

Manufacturer: Hein-Werner

Regular: $6,139.92
Sale: $5,218.93


Product Num: HWA HW93693

Manufacturer: Hein-Werner

Regular: $18,747.71
Sale: $15,935.55


Product Num: HWA HW93696A

Manufacturer: Hein-Werner

Regular: $2,541.39
Sale: $2,160.18

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