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20 Ton Hydraulic Press

Product Num: APT TS22

Manufacturer: Astro Pneumatic

Regular: $645.13
Sale: $427.88

25 Ton Shop Press

Product Num: OT 1833

Manufacturer: OTC

  • Tough, economical press is ideal for pressing rear axle bearings, piston pins and much more
  • Large 30" x 46" work area under ram makes positioning of even bulky work easy
  • Press bed is easily raised and lowered by a dependable lifting mechanism
  • Press complete with No. 4002 hydraulic hand pump; No. 9652 gauge; No. 24815 tee; No. 9767 hose (1/4" ID x 6'); hydraulic ram No. 51426 with 6-1/4" stroke; and 42733-WH2 pump mounting bracket

Regular: $4,349.95
Sale: $3,467.81

55 Ton Capacity Heavy-Duty Press

Product Num: OT 1845

Manufacturer: OTC

  • Side-to-side positioning of ram allows full capacity pressing along entire bolster length without buckling or bending. Covered by OTC Lifetime Marathon Warranty®
  • Hydraulic ram features 13" of stroke. Choice of hydraulic power units
  • Includes single-acting ram No. 52380 with 13" stroke; No. 4044 electric/hydraulic pump; No. 9651 gauge; No. 303563 hose (3/8" ID x 8'); and pump mounting bracket

Regular: $10,999.95
Sale: $7,910.00

Mobile Hydraulic Press wi

Product Num: SPI 11000

Manufacturer: SPI

No Image

Regular: $4,165.95
Sale: $3,541.06

Mobile Hydraulic Press Tool with Air Powered Hydro Pump

Product Num: SPI 11000A

Manufacturer: SPI

This Mobile Hydraulic Press Tool allows the technician to service a wide range of bushings, wheel bearings and ball joints without removing components from the vehicle.
  • Save time by not removing components and using a press
  • Allows quick R&R of suspension bushings, wheel bearings & ball joints
  • Hydraulic ram will rotate into any position needed
  • Comes with a hydraulic pump and adjustable height jack
  • Pump Mount has 12 pegs for frequently used cups
  • Comes with 44 cups and receivers for 100’s of size combinations

Regular: $4,330.95
Sale: $3,681.31


Product Num: HWA HW93300

Manufacturer: Hein-Werner

Regular: $4,990.35
Sale: $4,241.80


Product Num: HWA HW93401

Manufacturer: Hein-Werner

Regular: $8,380.37
Sale: $7,123.31


Product Num: KTI 63612

Manufacturer: K Tool International

Regular: $345.71
Sale: $293.85

Universal Press Support

Product Num: MLK 432 650

Manufacturer: MLK

<ul><li>Creates three points of contact for stability</li><li>Infinitely adjustable to fit irregularly shapes objects</li></ul>

Regular: $598.00
Sale: $494.38

20 Ton Press with Bottle Jack

Product Num: OT 1824A

Manufacturer: OTC

<ul><li>Economical press for bending, pressing, and straightening work.</li><li>Works great for removal and installation of gears, bearings, and bushings.</li><li>20-ton bottle jack with 7-1/2&quot; stroke.</li></ul>

Regular: $2,149.95
Sale: $1,827.19

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