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Air Adjusting Valve/Gauge

Product Num: DEV HAV-501

Manufacturer: Devilbiss

<ul><li>Max Inlet Pressure: 160</li><li>Max Regular Pressure PSI: 0-160(Gauge Range)</li><li>Air Inlet: 1/4" NPS (M)</li><li>Air Outlet: 1/4" NPS (F) (Swivel)</li></ul>

Regular: $32.40
Sale: $29.16

60 CMF Air Regulator

Product Num: DEV HAR-507

Manufacturer: Devilbiss

No Image
83C-211 & 83C-221

Regular: $76.75
Sale: $69.08

Digital Air Control with Air Adjusting Valve

Product Num: DEV HAV-555

Manufacturer: Devilbiss

  • Accuracy to +/-.5 psi
  • UL/CSA approved
  • Gauge range: 2.5 to 160 psi
  • Auto off after 45 seconds to conserve battery life.
  • Up to four-year battery life, depending on usage
  • Ideal for HVLP or high efficiency guns – high air flow / low pressure drop
  • Solvent resistant

Regular: $88.75
Sale: $79.88

Air Regulator W/Digital Gauge

Product Num: DEV HARG-555

Manufacturer: Devilbiss

  • Precise pressure settings mean precise color matches, metallic orientation and clear coat texture. The new DeVilbiss HARG-555 digital air regulator enables painters to maintain accurate, repeatable inlet pressures without a high cost
  • Mounted on proven DeVilbiss HARG regulator technology, the HARG-555 is fully UL/CSA compliant and provides pressure readings from 2.5 to 160 psi. An auto shut off switch helps preserve the unit’s rated four years of battery life.
  • This HARG-555 is the latest addition to ever-expanding line of DeVilbiss value-priced, digital air measurement tools which includes the HAV-555 air adjusting valve and DGI 101 digital gauge.

Regular: $114.40
Sale: $97.24

60 CMF Air Regulator with Gauge & Valve

Product Num: DEV HAR-600

Manufacturer: Devilbiss

Regular: $125.40
Sale: $106.59

12AAV Air Adjusting Valve

Product Num: SH 1010

Manufacturer: Sharpe

  • Large, easy-to-handle knob
  • Precision tapered valve
  • Air Inlet 1/4" npsm
  • Start from closed to fully open in approximately 4 turns
  • Air Outlets (swivel nut) 1/4" npsm
  • Infinitely adjustable

Regular: $15.96
Sale: $14.36

24AAV Air Adjusting Valve with Gauge

Product Num: SH 2210

Manufacturer: Sharpe

  • Precision tapered air adjusting valve with heavy-duty pressure gauge reading up to 160 psi
  • Start from closed to fully open in approximately 4 turns
  • Large, easy-to-handle knob
  • Use on HVLP spray guns
  • Infinitely adjustable
  • Air Inlet 1/4" npsm
  • Air Outlets (swivel nut) 1/4" npsm

Regular: $32.97
Sale: $29.67

16C-MR Mini Spray Gun Regulator

Product Num: SH 1410

Manufacturer: Sharpe

Pressure Regulation
  • This small, lightweight unit attaches to any spray gun, including HVLP, for accurate air pressure regulation
  • A true diaphragm regulator with push-pull lock pressure setting and easy-to-read 0-160 psi gauge
  • Air Inlet: 1/4" npsm (f)
  • Air Outlets (swivel nut): 1/4" npsm (f)
  • Air Flow Capacity: 22 cfm

Regular: $65.93
Sale: $59.34

1/4" Locking Pressure Regulator with Gauge

Product Num: TTN 19303

Manufacturer: Titan / Vaper

  • Small and lightweight
  • Attaches to all conventional and HVLP spray guns

Regular: $25.98
Sale: $23.38

1/4" Air Regulator

Product Num: ALE 7604-1

Manufacturer: ALE

<ul><li>Inlet/Outlet 1/4&quot; NPTF (F)</li><li>Max Inlet Pressure: 300 psi</li><li>Max Regulated Pressure: 125 psi</li><li>Constant regulated pressure prevents damage to air operated equipment.</li><li>Pressure relief feature which bleeds off excess pressure when adjustment to lower pressure occurs.</li><li>Strainer is included with each regulator.</li></ul>

Regular: $85.05
Sale: $76.55

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