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Body Protection

I-Gel TM Stabilizer Kneepads

Product Num: IRW 4033006

Manufacturer: Irwin / Hanson / Unibit / Vise Grip

  • Provides great stability for roofing and HVAC use
  • One size fits all

Regular: $61.74
Sale: $52.92

Kneepad System

Product Num: RR 553-09

Manufacturer: Ringers Gloves

  • Heavy duty kneepads
  • Available in Black only

Regular: $49.99
Sale: $44.99


Product Num: 3M 37191

Manufacturer: 3M

Regular: $680.30
Sale: $578.26

5 Pk. Foam Kneeling Pad - Medium

Product Num: LNG 1174

Manufacturer: LNG

Multiple Colors
<ul><li>5 large (10&quot; x 19&quot;) kneeling pads in the color assortment as follows: (2) red, (1) yellow, (1) green, and (1) blue.</li><li>Closed cell foam laminated</li><li>Will not breakdown under harsh chemicals, including the harsh oils used in the automotive/aircraft industry.</li></ul>

Regular: $96.51
Sale: $86.86

Hot Sleeve

Product Num: LS 18700

Manufacturer: Lisle

<ul><li>Protects arms from burns while working around the engine</li><li>Made of durable, heat-resistance Kevlar</li><li>Double wall construction for added heat protection</li><li>Covers hand and forearm and will work on either right or left arm</li><li>Sleeve is washable</li></ul>

Regular: $15.95
Sale: $14.36

Shop Apron

Product Num: MX MG-05-600

Manufacturer: Mechanix Gloves

<ul><li>Ballistic Nylon construction</li><li>Adjustable length-wide webbing neck and waist straps, internal hanging pockets and dual side of the waist hammer hanger loops</li><li>Resistant to water and certain solvents</li><li>Machine washable</li><li>Fits waist sizes 28 to 44.</li></ul>

Regular: $24.95
Sale: $22.46

Team Issue Knee Pad, Large

Product Num: MX MKP-05-700

Manufacturer: Mechanix Gloves

Pro Knee Protection
<ul><li>Helps you handle hard action in the pits</li><li>High-dentisy outer pad is covered in Kevlar and stitched for high-impact protection, while a breathable Airprene wrap is sandwiched on the inside by an anatomically molded inner pad to give extra comfort</li></ul>

Regular: $79.99
Sale: $71.99

Sidewinder Knee Pad

Product Num: MX MKP-05-SDW

Manufacturer: Mechanix Gloves

Pro Knee Protection
<ul><li>Dual hook and loop closures to secure the pad in place and resist slippage or twisting</li><li>Polyurethane bonded outer shell resists oils, abrasions and cuts from concrete to rough cut wood</li><li>Thermal Plastic Resin (TPR) non-slip gaiters ensure the pad is pressed securely against your leg.</li><li>The fit of the pad is enhanced by its pre-curved shape and multi-layered internal padding, including two layers of PORON® XRD™ high impact foam that wraps your knee and shin in comfort and protection.</li></ul>

Regular: $229.77
Sale: $195.30

Anti-Fatigue Grip Mat Roll (LG)

Product Num: PER W88981

Manufacturer: PER

<ul><li>Protects your floors from damage</li><li>Lightweight and easy to clean</li><li>Cut to fit any size or shape</li><li>Shock absorbent</li><li>Approximate size: 46&quot;&#160;×&#160;93&quot;&#160;×&#160;9/32&quot;</li></ul>

Regular: $29.98
Sale: $24.23


Product Num: RR 513-00

Manufacturer: Ringers Gloves

Regular: $24.99
Sale: $22.49

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