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Oil and Lubrication

Air Tool Oil Bottle, 4 oz

Product Num: IR 10Z4

Manufacturer: Ingersoll Rand

Regular: $4.50
Sale: $4.05

Air Tool Oil Bottle, Pint

Product Num: IR 10P

Manufacturer: Ingersoll Rand

Regular: $9.00
Sale: $8.10

Lube Kit

Product Num: IR 105-LBK1

Manufacturer: Ingersoll Rand

  • For 212, 231, 244 and 261

Regular: $40.00
Sale: $35.91

Lube Kit

Product Num: IR 115-LBK1

Manufacturer: Ingersoll Rand

  • For 2112, 2131, 2141, 2115ti, 2135ti

Regular: $40.00
Sale: $35.91


Product Num: CPC 6215714100

Manufacturer: CP Compressors

Regular: $229.20
Sale: $194.82

Pneumatic Tool Oiler

Product Num: SG 98500

Manufacturer: S & G Tool Aid

  • Automatically lubricates air tools as they are being used
  • Ends tool burn out, stops rust and increases torque
  • Use on all 3/8" and 1/2" air impact guns, air wrenches, body shop air tool and pneumatic hammers
  • 1/4" NPT Female inlet x 1/4" NPT Male outlet

Regular: $21.95
Sale: $18.83

Air Tool Oiler

Product Num: STK 16600

Manufacturer: Steck

  • Manufacturer oiling requirements are easily performed when mounted close to air tool storage
  • Easily adjustable for specified amount of oil
  • Self-centering, non-drip oil dispenser head design keeps everything clean
  • Saves you money by increasing life of air tools
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Works with all models of air tools

Regular: $55.00
Sale: $47.52

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