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Eraser Wheels

Smart Eraser Pad

Product Num: APT 400E

Manufacturer: Astro Pneumatic

  • Now 30% Larger

Regular: $14.75
Sale: $11.21

Smart Eraser® Pad - 6 Pk.

Product Num: APT 4.00E+08

Manufacturer: Astro Pneumatic

  • Developed to dramatically reduce time spent on the removal of pinstripes, adhesive and double faced tape
  • Fast and easy
  • Molded rubber with 5/16" arbor for use with the #533ET and the #1208A
  • Pad size: 4"
  • Made in the USA

Regular: $79.50
Sale: $62.78

Offset Decal Eraser Wheel

Product Num: DFX DF-705D

Manufacturer: DFX

  • This wheel will not burn the paint so is perfect for jobs were no re-finish is needed
  • Takes away an inch wide strip at a time
  • The perfect tool for cleanup of moldings

Regular: $27.00
Sale: $24.23

Red-Tred TM Eraser Wheel

Product Num: DYB 92255

Manufacturer: Dynabrade

  • Longer wear life, serrated design runs cooler
  • 4000 RPM max speed
  • 4" diameter x 3/4" wide

Regular: $28.75
Sale: $25.88

Red-Tred TM Eraser Refill for 92295

Product Num: DYB 92297

Manufacturer: Dynabrade

Regular: $29.00
Sale: $26.10

Red-Tred TM Eraser Disc with hub

Product Num: DYB 92295

Manufacturer: Dynabrade

Has 5/8-11" Female Thread to Mount to Most Conventional Buffers
  • Includes: Red-Tred Eraser 4" diameter disc for removing decals. Includes mounting hub and flange to secure product to tool and pin wrench to tighten disc to the hub.
  • Disc has “staggered teeth” design for enhanced cooling while providing effective decal removal
  • 3, 500 rpm max. rating.

Regular: $53.00
Sale: $47.70


Product Num: DYB 18067

Manufacturer: Dynabrade

Regular: $459.00
Sale: $390.15


Product Num: DYB 10789

Manufacturer: Dynabrade

Regular: $535.00
Sale: $454.75

31mm Rubber Eraser

Product Num: MBX USZU-010

Manufacturer: MBX

  • Removal of vinyl decals, DOT tape
  • Compatible with Dynabrade® and Dent Fix®

Regular: $29.90
Sale: $25.99

Arbor for Smart Eraser Pad

Product Num: APT 400E-AR

Manufacturer: Astro Pneumatic

Regular: $2.65
Sale: $2.39

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