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Heavy Duty Frame Claw

Product Num: DFX DF-512

Manufacturer: DFX

<ul><li>For the heaviest wiggle wire pulls using a power post or our claw slide hammer.</li><li>Pull rockers evenly and quickly.</li></ul>

Regular: $73.50
Sale: $66.15

Ding Massager Deluxe Glue Pulling Kit

Product Num: DFX DF-550DX

Manufacturer: DFX

<ul><li>Glue pullers are an excellent method for removing dings and small dents from OEM paint</li><li>Kit includes the squeeze puller, slide hammer, 120V glue gun, plastic scraper stick, 9 Glue Sticks, 9 different pulling nibs in a blow molded case.</li></ul>

Regular: $399.00
Sale: $339.15


Product Num: MO 801

Manufacturer: MO-Clamp

No Image

Regular: $3.15
Sale: $2.84


Product Num: MO 802

Manufacturer: MO-Clamp

No Image

Regular: $4.10
Sale: $3.69


Product Num: MO 803

Manufacturer: MO-Clamp

No Image

Regular: $6.27
Sale: $5.64


Product Num: MO 804

Manufacturer: MO-Clamp

No Image

Regular: $7.20
Sale: $6.48


Product Num: MO 806

Manufacturer: MO-Clamp

Regular: $7.92
Sale: $7.13

Bolt Puller

Product Num: MO 1340

Manufacturer: MO-Clamp

  • Made for suspension and frame bolts that are hard to reach for realigning or straightening
  • 2.5 tons of pulling capacity

Regular: $62.95
Sale: $56.66

Tac-N-Pull Plates Only

Product Num: MO 805

Manufacturer: MO-Clamp

<ul><li>For hard-to-hold pulls</li><li>Tack weld one of the resuable plates. Attach clamp and pull.</li><li>Break tack weld with a grinding cut-off wheel or cutting torch</li><li>Includes (10) 1" Pull Plates, (5) 1-1/2" Pull Plates, and (5) 3" Pull Plates</li><li>For use with #0800 Tac-N-Pull clamp(Clamp not included)</li></ul>

Regular: $66.68
Sale: $59.20

Dyna-Mo TM JR Clamp

Product Num: MO 305

Manufacturer: MO-Clamp

<ul><li>Self-tightening</li><li>Thin-edged nose for getting into hard-to-reach places</li><li>Drop-forged round wedge to keep twist out of chain</li><li>Aggressive cross-hatch tooth design, spring loaded for easy opening</li><li>Capacity: 3 tons</li></ul>

Regular: $106.13
Sale: $85.56

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