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Paintless Dent Remover

Panel Cup Dent Remover

Product Num: KTI 89302

Manufacturer: K Tool International

  • Reduces “roughing time"
  • Cut labor costs by 50%
  • Lower cost of finishing materials
  • Effortlessly removes “oil can" dents from sheet metal
  • 500 lbs of pulling power from 80psi air supply
  • Super-tough rubber cup and one-piece cast aluminum grip

Regular: $173.37
Sale: $132.94

2 Pc. Inflatable Dent Remover

Product Num: LTI 800

Manufacturer: Lock Technology

<ul><li>Uses hand pumped air pressure to push dents out from the inside of door and fender panels.</li><li>Comes in 2 sizes:<ul><li>The LT-805 (8&quot; x 8&quot; Square Inflatable Dent Remover) is for removing dents in tight corners or along welded seams and panel edges.</li><li>The LT-810 (14&quot; x 8&quot; Oblong Inflatable Dent Remover) is for longer more accessible large dents.</li></ul></li><li>Each bag has 5 feet of air hose with oversize hand pump bulb for long reach.</li><li>Perfect for paintless auto body repair.</li><li>Universal applications for all automotive and truck door and body panel repair.</li><li>Eliminate high points caused by body slide hammers and picks.</li><li>Pushes dents out to their normal shape eliminating excessive bondo and sanding work.</li><li>A real material and time saver.</li></ul>

Regular: $91.83
Sale: $82.65

Paintless Dent Remover

Product Num: LTI 820

Manufacturer: Lock Technology

  • Stainless steel solid rod construction
  • 13 interchangeable tips with swivel head action
  • Easy to master training DVD

Regular: $351.40
Sale: $298.69

Uni-Vac Dent Puller

Product Num: US DTK-7700

Manufacturer: Uni-Spotter (H & S)

<ul><li>A quality machined dent puller for professional use</li><li>Comes with three different sized vacuum cups</li><li>Self-contained vacuum feature, no air lines required</li><li>Works on steel or aluminum panels, as well as bumpers</li></ul>

Regular: $229.00
Sale: $165.38

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