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Maskers and Stands

Canvas Masker Set

Product Num: APT 9004

Manufacturer: Astro Pneumatic

  • Ideal for protecting wheel and tires from overspray
  • Set of 4 per package
  • 4 pieces per set

Regular: $30.58
Sale: $24.17

18" Mobile Step Masker

Product Num: APT 4577

Manufacturer: Astro Pneumatic

  • Lightweight, easy to use and portable
  • Sharp, anodized blade for smooth cutting
  • Unit can be used as a step stool

Regular: $69.63
Sale: $53.80

Masking Tree

Product Num: APT ASMS2

Manufacturer: Astro Pneumatic

  • Lightweight, double-welded steel frame
  • Nonskid rubber wheel for portability
  • Wide base design and one hand operation

Regular: $114.18
Sale: $74.75

18" Masking Machine

Product Num: APT MM18

Manufacturer: Astro Pneumatic

Regular: $130.23
Sale: $87.25

18" Masker

Product Num: KY 78002

Manufacturer: Keysco

  • Holds up to a 18" roll

Regular: $76.75
Sale: $69.08

Wall Mount Masker

Product Num: KY 78009

Manufacturer: Keysco

  • Holds up to a 36" roll of paper with blade turned down for proper wall mounting

Regular: $116.87
Sale: $91.38

The Bumper Tree

Product Num: STK 35800

Manufacturer: Steck

<ul><li>Sand, mask, prep and paint, all on the Bumper Tree!</li><li>Allows for complete coverage, no more missed spots!</li><li>Tilt while painting to give easy access to top, bottom, front, back and wrap-around ends.</li><li>Openings in covers can be painted from the front and back to assure complete coverage.</li><li>Casters make moving bumpers easy</li></ul>

Regular: $187.00
Sale: $158.95

Panel Tree

Product Num: STK 35900

Manufacturer: Steck

<ul><li>Panels load easily and quickly.</li><li>Center post design allows access to edge, bottom and both sides of the panel.</li><li>Paint panels, jambs, and car all at one time.</li><li>Save hours of dry time</li><li>Hold one or two panels securely</li><li>Adjustable arms to fit any size panel</li><li>Wide base for stability</li></ul>

Regular: $365.00
Sale: $310.25

Magnetic Paint Clamp

Product Num: DFX DF-PC203

Manufacturer: DFX

<ul><li>Strong, professional, and fast method for securing parts for a controlled spray painting.</li><li>Achieve a more complete coverage area on smaller parts such as mirror covers, handles, fender flares, fog light bezels and moldings.</li><li>Simply twist base to clamp securely, stick the magnet to a metal surface, and apply coating.</li><li>The magnetic base can be anchored to the walls of booths even if protected with plastic film or any other stable metal object.</li><li>Holds up to 5 lbs. on a solid magnetic surface.</li><li>Use more clamps, purchased separately, for heavier, larger pieces.</li></ul>

Regular: $34.95
Sale: $31.46


Product Num: KY 33004

Manufacturer: Keysco

Regular: $369.63
Sale: $309.56

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