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Body Tools

Shape Tip TM Tool

Product Num: LTI 790

Manufacturer: Lock Technology

  • Fits securely on most pry bars: use to roll out high spots, creases and crowns around dents

Regular: $29.95
Sale: $25.04

Door Spring Tool

Product Num: SG 87675

Manufacturer: S & G Tool Aid

  • Use to remove and install the door hinge springs
  • Use this one tool to service late model General Motors cars and light trucks (with larger diameter springs)
  • Can be used with a 1/2" open end or ratcheting box wrench

Regular: $19.95
Sale: $16.13

Easy Pry Tool

Product Num: STK 21730

Manufacturer: Steck

<ul><li>This non-marring wedge has a 1&quot; blade with a curved clip end</li><li>Allows easy access and removal of plastic bezels, moldings, trim and panels without scratching the surface.</li><li>Grips the stem of the clip not the head so clips don't break.</li><li>Lever action for faster, easier removal.</li><li>Works on trim pads, hood insulation, etc.</li></ul>

Regular: $10.75
Sale: $9.11

Car & Light Truck Door Spring Tool

Product Num: STK 21910

Manufacturer: Steck

<ul><li>The safest tool available for coil springs in GM doors.</li><li>Compresses spring for easy, safe removal.</li><li>Sides safely enclose spring.</li><li>Heat-treated, high carbon steel.</li></ul>

Regular: $18.34
Sale: $16.51

Bushing Tool

Product Num: STK 21825

Manufacturer: Steck

Saves Up To 20 Minutes Per Repair.
<ul><li>Special design makes it easy to punch out bushings, and helps to align bushings when reinstalling.</li><li>Offset design allows for easy access to all door hinges.</li><li>Easily punch out bushings.</li><li>Breaks fewer bushings.</li><li>Super tough alloy steel.</li></ul>

Regular: $19.95
Sale: $17.96

Replacement Head for Skin Zipper

Product Num: STK 21891

Manufacturer: Steck

Regular: $20.00
Sale: $18.00

Flange Lever

Product Num: STK 20037

Manufacturer: Steck

  • Quickly access hard to reach damaged flange frames, door and hood edges as well as radiator supports to bring back to proper edge alignment
  • A unique double ended revers 1/4 inch hook design, made from hardened alloy steels, gives the technician easy access to buckled metal edges
  • A flat hook allows for easy manual alignment while the 35º angle bar allows technician to access areas like radiator supports
  • Flange Lever design allows for multiple angles to gain hand clearance for flange and/or angled pulls while using the body of the tool to provide maximum leverage for manipulating the damaged flange or edge panel
  • Quick movement along the damaged area allows for multiple metal manipulations without needing to unlock and re-lock locking pliers used today to perform flange repairs

Regular: $22.50
Sale: $20.25

Sure Grip Trim Clip Plier

Product Num: STK 21720

Manufacturer: Steck

<ul><li>Grips stem of clip - won’t break clips</li><li>Works on trim pads, hood insulation, etc</li></ul>

Regular: $27.00
Sale: $23.29

Door Hinge "Pin Popper"

Product Num: STK 21835

Manufacturer: Steck

<ul><li>The ultimate solution for removing door pins fast.</li><li>Drives out even stubborn hinge pins.</li><li>Direct impact.</li><li>Clearance for door panels.</li><li>Works on all GM cars with removable hinge pins.</li><li>Includes Pin Puller to remove loosened pins</li></ul>

Regular: $29.00
Sale: $25.25

E-Z Strip II Molding Tool

Product Num: STK 21542

Manufacturer: Steck

New & Improved Version of Steck's E-Z Strip Molding Tool
<ul><li>3&quot; non-marring blade and steel air hammer arbor to remove body side moldings.</li><li>Durable non-marring wedge design made from polypropylene removes moldings without damaging the molding or scratching paint surfaces.</li><li>Kit also includes an additional wedge. </li><li>Wedges can be trimmed to remove moldings embedded in body lines.</li><li>Saves body moldings</li><li>Reduces body damage</li><li>Saves time and materials</li><li>Can be ground for special requirements</li></ul>

Regular: $29.95
Sale: $26.96

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