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Product Num: IRC 23231806

Manufacturer: IR Compressors

No Image

Regular: $899.00
Sale: $764.15

2 Pk. Desiccant Spray Gun Filter

Product Num: MG 1008

Manufacturer: Motor Guard

  • Removes water oil and grit
  • Installs on spray gun 1/4" male and 1/4" female connections

Regular: $20.75
Sale: $17.89

In-Line Water Separator & Air Filter

Product Num: SG 99000

Manufacturer: S & G Tool Aid

  • Removes water and foreign particles from compressed air stream
  • Clear reservoir shows accumulated water taken out of air line
  • Button release valve allows for easy disposal of accumulated liquid
  • 1/4" NPT Male inlet x 1/4" NPT Female outlet

Regular: $14.35
Sale: $11.61

F2 Disposable In-Line Filters, 2 Pk.

Product Num: SH 8100

Manufacturer: Sharpe

  • Installs easily and reduces paint defects
  • Disposable filter removes contaminants such as moisture and oil that condenses in the air hose between the wall mount filter and spray gun

Regular: $17.90
Sale: $16.11


Product Num: SH 6765-1

Manufacturer: Sharpe

Regular: $92.09
Sale: $82.88

F88 Air Filter

Product Num: SH 8130

Manufacturer: Sharpe

  • Model F88 Air Filter is highly effective at removing water, oil and contamination
  • It protects air cylinders and air tools and features a reusable edge-type filter element
  • 5 micron filtration
  • Air Inlet Size: 1/2" NPT
  • Air Outlet Size: 3/8" NPT an1/4" NPT plugged
  • Max. Operating Pressure: 160 psi
  • Filter Capacity: 75 cfm

Regular: $127.31
Sale: $108.21

707F 3/4" In-Line Filter with Overnight Drain

Product Num: SH 6920

Manufacturer: Sharpe

  • The 707F removes oil and water contamination
  • Disassemble and clean the filter without tools
  • Features a large reusable filter element
  • Capacity: 22 cfm

Regular: $231.89
Sale: $197.11

In-Line Filter & Coalescer

Product Num: SH 6910

Manufacturer: Sharpe

  • 1/2" In-Line Filter and Coalescer with Overnight Drains
  • Prevents fish-eyes by removing water, oil and contamination without the use of desiccant
  • Designed for use in prep stations and air/finishing area
  • Stage 1 provides removal of water and contaminants down to 5 microns
  • Stage 2 provides removal of oil and sub-micronic particles down to .01 microns.

Regular: $410.37
Sale: $348.81

Dryaire Desiccant System

Product Num: SH 6760

Manufacturer: Sharpe

Desiccant systems includes desiccants
  • Stage 1 Air filter includes auto drain (overnight) and 5-micron filter
  • Stage 2 Coalescer with auto drain (overnight) removes oil particles down to .01 micron
  • Stage 3 Desiccant Housing, 30 cfm capacity
  • Self-relieving air regulators, mounting bracket, and shut-off valve included
  • Premium beads are orange and turn clear when saturated

Regular: $837.80
Sale: $712.13

80 CFM Filter Unit

Product Num: DEV HAF-580

Manufacturer: Devilbiss

<ul><li>80 CFM</li><li>1/2&quot; air inlet</li><li>3/8&quot; outlet</li></ul>

Regular: $104.45
Sale: $86.63

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