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Product Num: RAP 5121700

Manufacturer: RAP

No Image

Regular: $13.50
Sale: $12.15

RapidFix Dual Adhesive System - 1 oz

Product Num: RAP 7121100

Manufacturer: RAP

This Combination Instantly Repairs Almost Anything!
  • High strength-bonds in seconds
  • Will not dry out in the container
  • Bonds instantly to most materials
  • RapidFix can be filed, ground, drilled and painted instantly
  • RapidFix Adhesive dries crystal clear
  • The RapidFix Professional Adhesive bonds most materials instantly. These materials are Rubber, Glass, Copper, Aluminum, Steel and most plastics
  • The RapidFix Welding Powder is used to repair all types of holes, cracks, gaps and can produce a strong weld seam to support the repair, just like solder or welded joints

Regular: $31.40
Sale: $26.87

Marine Weld (Carded)

Product Num: JBW 8272

Manufacturer: JBW

Regular: $7.04
Sale: $4.75


Product Num: KTI 90002

Manufacturer: K Tool International

Quick-Bonding Ultra-Strong Adhesive
<ul><li>BLACK Carbon Powder<ul><li>Works on hard plastic, motorcycle fairings, grills, radiators, bumpers, distributor caps, lugs, clips, tabs and much more!</li></ul></li><li>GREY Aluminum Powder<ul><li>Works on metal surfaces, motorcycle engines, aluminum, office equipment, carburetors, and wheel caps</li><li>Petrol and oil resistant</li><li>Heat resistant (up to 356&deg;F)</li></ul></li><li>Kit includes<ul><li>(2) .35 oz bottles of Q-Bond adhesive</li><li>(1) bottle of Black Reinforcing powder</li><li>(1) bottle of Grey Reinforcing powder</li></ul></li></ul>

Regular: $16.39
Sale: $14.72


Product Num: KTI 90003

Manufacturer: K Tool International

Regular: $163.90
Sale: $139.32

12 PACK 5121700 (.5ML)

Product Num: RAP 5121710

Manufacturer: RAP

No Image

Regular: $162.00
Sale: $137.70

RapidFix UV, 10 ml

Product Num: RAP 6121805

Manufacturer: RAP

Liquid Plastic Adhesive
<ul><li>Simply shine the UV light on the adhesive for 10–20 seconds to cure</li><li>Adhesive hardens in seconds and dries crystal clear</li><li>The high strength bond can be sanded, filed, drilled and painted</li><li>Adhesive will not dry out in the bottle. Guaranteed for 24 Months!</li></ul>

Regular: $25.95
Sale: $23.36

RapidFix UV Refill Pack

Product Num: RAP 6121830

Manufacturer: RAP

Includes (2) 10 ml Bottles

Regular: $17.85
Sale: $16.07

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