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Gun Holders

Gravity Gun/Strain Stand

Product Num: APT GFH1000

Manufacturer: Astro Pneumatic

  • 2 piece gravity feed gun holder works great with all gravity feed guns
  • Strainer holder swivels away from cup

Regular: $9.38
Sale: $8.44

Magnetic Spray Gun Holder

Product Num: LTI 900

Manufacturer: Lock Technology

  • Will hold any cup or gravity fed spray gun
  • 160 lb magnetic face

Regular: $30.90
Sale: $27.81

Spray Gun Holder

Product Num: TTN 19990

Manufacturer: Titan / Vaper

  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Funnel holder over paint cup for easy filling

Regular: $14.44
Sale: $9.86

Magnetic Spray Gun Holder

Product Num: TTN 19991

Manufacturer: Titan / Vaper

  • Provides convenient storage of gravity feed spray guns when not in use
  • Attaches to spray booth walls, work stations, tool boxes or any metal surface
  • Vinyl coated hooks protect spray gun finish from scratches
  • Spray gun not included

Regular: $17.20
Sale: $11.61


Product Num: APT 7306

Manufacturer: Astro Pneumatic

No Image

Regular: $151.38
Sale: $108.00

Air Dryer Gun Stand

Product Num: APT 8751S

Manufacturer: Astro Pneumatic

<ul><li>Flexible positioning for accurate aim of air flow</li><li>Easy to use adjustments</li><li>Quick connect features</li><li>Coil hose extends to 15 ft for spot repairs</li><li>Stand adjust 6&quot; to 83&quot; in height and 8&quot; to 35&quot; in width</li><li>Lightweight system</li><li>Durable chrome finish</li><li>Quick assembly</li></ul>

Regular: $170.55
Sale: $144.97

Gravity Feed Spray Gun - 2.0mm Nozzle

Product Num: APT GF20S

Manufacturer: Astro Pneumatic

<ul><li>Gravity feed action lets fluid flow downward using less air and offering better control over atomization and fluid output</li><li>Forged aluminum gun body and air cap for durability and long lasting performance</li><li>One pint nylon cup with &quot;drip check&quot; device to prevent spillage from the vent hole</li><li>Operation Pressure: 30–70 psi</li><li>Avg. Air Consumption: 6-12 cfm</li><li>Air Inlet Thread NPT: 1/4&quot;</li></ul>

Regular: $130.37
Sale: $110.81

Multi Spray Gun Holder

Product Num: DEV 803616

Manufacturer: Devilbiss

Regular: $20.20
Sale: $18.18


Product Num: SAT 125625

Manufacturer: SAT

Regular: $195.00
Sale: $165.75


Product Num: SAT 9898-4

Manufacturer: SAT

Regular: $35.95
Sale: $32.36

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