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Double Density Sanding Block

Product Num: 35300

Manufacturer: Steck

Designed for Wet or Dry Sanding
<ul><li>Two densities to accommodate a variety of sanding needs</li><li>Light grey side - stiff for faster sanding on curved surfaces</li><li>Dark grey side - soft and pliable for sanding irregular surfaces</li></ul>

Regular: $8.50
Sale: $7.65

LittleEasy Unlock Tool

Product Num: 32908

Manufacturer: Steck

When The BigEasy Is Just Too Long To Do The Job You Need The LittleEasy!
<ul><li>Perfect for Japanese imports.</li><li>Works on some pickup trucks.</li><li>Only 30 inches long.</li></ul>

Regular: $14.95
Sale: $13.46

E-Z Store Door Aligning Bar

Product Num: 21845

Manufacturer: Steck

A Convenient Door Aligning Tool That Will Fit In Your Tool Drawer.
<ul><li>Saves space and time</li><li>Fits easily in your tool drawer.</li><li>No long, heavy bar to store!</li><li>Uses your breaker bar for leverage.</li></ul>

Regular: $30.25
Sale: $27.23

Tie Rod Coupler

Product Num: 71470

Manufacturer: Steck

<ul><li>Eye-bolts secure the coupler to the broken tie rod by hand tightening or a small leverage bar</li><li>Saves tow driver&apos;s time by temporarily fixing wheel alignment for easy loading and unloading</li><li>Allows mechanics to easily steer vehicle to repair bay</li></ul>

Regular: $36.00
Sale: $32.40

Quarter Puller II

Product Num: 20033

Manufacturer: Steck

<ul><li>Works just like the big Quarter Puller, but has smaller 6" bars to fit into smaller areas</li></ul>

Regular: $47.69
Sale: $42.92

BigEasy TM Night Light

Product Num: 32933

Manufacturer: Steck

NEW Improved High-Output LEDS!
<ul><li>Suction cup LED light illuminates dark car interiors</li></ul>

Regular: $49.95
Sale: $44.96

Quarter Puller

Product Num: 20022

Manufacturer: Steck

<ul><li>12&quot; Bars pull quarter panels and wheel wells with ease</li><li>Hammer out dents</li><li>Hammer inside quarter panels, rear body panels, body lines, etc</li><li>Use to block doors and hoods</li></ul>

Regular: $50.87
Sale: $45.78

BigBite Radius Pull Clamp with Side Pull Ring

Product Num: 20080

Manufacturer: Steck

Pull Those Hard-To-Clamp Corners
<ul><li>35 heat treated teeth to grip pinchweld</li><li>Allows side pulls on corners of door openings or in-line pulls with optional linear pull ring (sold separately)</li><li>Also works in other hard-to-pull places for multi-directional pulls and reverse pulls</li></ul>

Regular: $225.00
Sale: $191.25

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