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CamClamp TM Timing Gear Clamp

Product Num: 70896

Manufacturer: PBT

Used on twin cam and quad cam engines to hold valve timing during belt replacement
  • Patented ‘Uni-fit’ tooth design suits a large range of varying cam gear sizes
  • Patented friction locking system allows infinite locking positions to suit most cam gear configurations
  • Compact size to allow operation in confined spaces of east/west engine compartments
  • Less moving parts for easy operation
  • Large scalloped locking knobs provides positive grip for firm clamping
  • Constructed from industrial grade fibre reinforced synthetic polymer
  • Light weight and corrosive resistant
  • Allows belt replacement to be carried out by one person
  • Reduces repair time
  • Prevents engine damage caused by mis-timing

Regular: $54.47
Sale: $40.37

Vacuum Brake Bleeder

Product Num: 70850

Manufacturer: PBT

  • Universal rubber fitting holds securely on brake bleed screw

Regular: $139.50
Sale: $83.06

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