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18" Aligning Bar

Product Num: 7025

Manufacturer: KN

No Image
<ul><li>Stock: 5/8&quot;</li><li>A forged, alloy steel, heat-treated bar that can be used for prying, aligning and positioning</li><li>The finish is black oxide.</li></ul>

Regular: $20.29
Sale: $18.26

30" T20A Curved Tire Spoon

Product Num: 33220

Manufacturer: KN

No Image
Diameter: 11/16"
<ul><li>Designed for fast and efficient tire changing</li><li>Provides enough strength and elverage to work on large truck, bus, off-road vehicle, tractor and aircraft tires</li></ul>

Regular: $38.16
Sale: $32.27

17-1/2" Pro Wheel Cover Puller/Replacer

Product Num: 31567

Manufacturer: KN

<ul><li>Removes wheel covers quickly and easily without gouging or scratching them.</li><li>Rubber head T11RH prevents damage to hub cap and is replaceable.</li></ul>

Regular: $49.90
Sale: $44.91

Tire Mounting & Demounting Tool Set for 19.5" Truck Tires

Product Num: 33195

Manufacturer: KN

No Image
<ul><li>Designed to work on the hub side to make your job easier</li></ul>

Regular: $242.80
Sale: $182.81

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