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Parts Cleaning Brush

Product Num: 242

Manufacturer: KD Tools

No Image
  • Brush removes grease and dirt from automotive parts
  • Strong handle with durable polypropylene bristles will hold up under repeated use in cleaning solvents

Regular: $7.60
Sale: $6.40

Bendix Drum Brake Spring Tool

Product Num: 280

Manufacturer: KD Tools

No Image
  • Tool removes and installs return spring on Bendix drum brakes
  • To use, place socket end over spring anchor and twist to remove. Hook notched end through spring and over the post, then lift to install

Regular: $12.19
Sale: $10.27

Seal Puller

Product Num: 3245

Manufacturer: KD Tools

No Image
  • Use tool to remove oil and grease seals on automobiles and light trucks
  • Puller has 2 tip sizes for most applications
  • To use, insert tip behind seal and use leverage to remove

Regular: $12.84
Sale: $10.83

12-13mm Exhaust Manifold Socket

Product Num: 3794-71

Manufacturer: KD Tools

Regular: $19.31
Sale: $16.29

18mm Exhaust Manifold Socket

Product Num: 3794-73

Manufacturer: KD Tools

Regular: $19.31
Sale: $16.29

Universal Pulley Holder

Product Num: 3900

Manufacturer: KD Tools

No Image
  • Designed to trap and hold bolt-on pulleys by the mounting bolts on most applications
  • When used in conjunction with fan clutch wrenches it is especially useful in removing and replacing thermostatic fan assemblies while eliminating the need for various size holding wrenches
  • Applications for use in fan clutch removal include: Ford trucks with 2.8-L, 2.9-L, 3.0-L, 4.0-L, 4.9-L, and 5.0-L engines. Dodge trucks with 3.9-L, 5.2-L, 5.9-L, 8.0-L and V10 engines. GM trucks with 4.3-L, 5.0-L and 5.7-L engines. Jeeps with 5.2-L engines.

Regular: $32.32
Sale: $27.27

Brake Cylinder Flex-Hone®, 7/8"

Product Num: 2480

Manufacturer: KD Tools

No Image
  • Tool hones drum brake wheel cylinders from 0.787 to 1-3/8" (20 to 35mm) in diameter
  • Develops a plateaued finish for excellent brake fluid retention
  • Recommended Min Working Diameter: 0.787V (20mm)
  • 180 Grit
  • 3" Length of beaded section, 8" overall length
  • Use with a variable-speed drill

Regular: $34.87
Sale: $30.60

Puller Body

Product Num: 2897-80

Manufacturer: KD Tools

No Image

Regular: $37.65
Sale: $33.03

Economy Brake and Engine Cylinder Hone Set

Product Num: 3029

Manufacturer: KD Tools

No Image
Set Includes:
  • Complete hone for brake, master and wheel cylinders 3/4 through 2-1/2" capacity, with 1-1/8" medium-grit stones
  • Complete hone for small car brake wheel cylinders 1/2 through 1-3/4" capacity, with two 1-1/8" medium-grit stones
  • Complete hone for disc brake caliper honing. 1-1/4 through 3-1/2" capacity, with 3/4" medium-grit stones; also ideal for lawn and garden small-engine cylinder honing when used with three 2" medium-grit stones (included)

Regular: $39.03
Sale: $32.91

Oil-Seal Remover and Installer

Product Num: 492

Manufacturer: KD Tools

  • Tool removes and installs upper rear main oil seals with engine and crank-shaft in place
  • It works on both wick- and neoprene-type seals
  • Chinese Finger-type grip won’t slip from the seal during installation
  • Set includes a wick seal remover, installer, guide funnels, pusher, offset trimmer and neoprene seal punches

Regular: $40.59
Sale: $34.24

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