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Rigid Back Probe Pins

Product Num: TP88

Manufacturer: Fluke

<ul><li>Slides onto test probes measuring 2 mm</li><li>Tested to 60 V DC</li></ul>

Regular: $22.74
Sale: $20.47

Industrial Test Probes

Product Num: TP220

Manufacturer: Fluke

<ul><li>One pair of industrial test probes (red, black)</li><li>Sharp, 12 mm stainless steel tip provides reliable contact</li><li>Flexible finger barrier improves grip</li> <li>Recommended for use with TL222 and TL224 test leads</li><li>CAT II 1000 V, 10 A rating </li><li>One year warranty</li></ul>

Regular: $21.78
Sale: $19.60

Automotive Back Probe Pins (5)

Product Num: TP40

Manufacturer: Fluke

<ul><li>Flexible and formable 1-1/4&quot; pin provides an easy connection past weather pack seals to connector conductors.</li><li>These pins are a must-have for fuel injectors, TPS and MAP sensors, as well as for any underhood or under vehicle connector with weather pack seals.</li><li>Bright yellow body stands out in an engine compartment to ensure they are not left behind.</li><li>Easily connects to test leads that have removable ends such as the TL224.</li><li>Banana jack accepts all DMM and banana jack leads</li><li>Tested to 60 V DC</li></ul>

Regular: $50.34
Sale: $45.31

Insulation Piercing Clip Set

Product Num: TP81

Manufacturer: Fluke

<ul><li>Banana jack accepts all DMM and banana jack leads</li><li>Non-rotating banana jack prevents leads from tangling, allowing you to tighten/loosen clamp while still connected to the test lead</li><li>For use with test leads with 4 mm banana plugs</li><li>Tested to 60 V DC</li><li>Stainless steel probe pierces insulation on 14, 16 and 18 gauge wire.</li><li>Control needle depth to minimize insulation damage.</li><li>Essential for use under hood or under dash.</li></ul>

Regular: $69.54
Sale: $62.59

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