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Mega C-Clamp

Product Num: DF-SPD48M

Manufacturer: DFX

No Image
Accessory Clamp for the Spot Annihilator
<ul><li>Allows technician to bring the drilling point 6&quot; into the panel</li><li>Perfect for trunk hinges and any place a spot weld is located deeper in the panel</li></ul>

Regular: $79.92
Sale: $71.93

6 in 1 Pneumatic Punch & Flange Kit

Product Num: DF-MP050K

Manufacturer: DFX

No Image
Ultimate Hole Punch Kit
<ul><li>Powerful and versatile</li><li>Unique design of cutter shears the metal rather than forcing its way through</li><li>Shearing action creates no distortion and extended life of the tool and cutters</li><li>1&quot; wide flanging head</li><li>Hole punch sizes: 4mm, 5.5mm, 6.5mm and 8mm</li><li>Hole punch depth on 8mm is 3mm</li></ul>

Regular: $469.00
Sale: $398.65

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