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Oil Filter

9" Oil Filter Pliers

Product Num: CK 209

Manufacturer: ChannelLock

  • Jaw Capacity: 1 3/4" - 3 1/2"

Regular: $21.97
Sale: $17.01

12" Oil Filter Pliers

Product Num: CK 212

Manufacturer: ChannelLock

  • Jaw Capacity: 2 3/4" - 4 1/4"

Regular: $30.39
Sale: $23.29

15" Oil Filter Pliers

Product Num: CK 215

Manufacturer: ChannelLock

  • Jaw Capacity: 2 1/2" - 5 1/2"

Regular: $36.47
Sale: $27.74

Cup Type Oil Filter Wrench

Product Num: CVT 785

Manufacturer: CVT

65mm (2-9/16") - 14 Flutes - 1 Step
<ul><li>Made of 7 and 16 gauge construction and can withstand up to 85 ft/lbs. of torque</li><li>Cup-type design grips like a socket minimizing the possibility of crushing filters</li><li>Used with 3/8-in. drive</li><li>Fits: Champ, Hastings, FM/AC, Wix, Napa, Purolater, Diahatsu, Toyota</li></ul>

Regular: $6.85
Sale: $6.01

Swivel Oil Filter Wrench

Product Num: CVT 994

Manufacturer: CVT

<ul><li>Fits filters 2-7/8&quot; to 3-1/4&quot; (73mm-83mm) dia.</li><li>Swivel handle allows user to get to filters in hard-to-reach areas.</li><li>Wide dimpled band securely grips filters without crushing.</li><li>Easy grip vinyl handle.</li></ul>

Regular: $7.84
Sale: $6.89

Three Legged Oil Filter Wrench

Product Num: CVT 988

Manufacturer: CVT

<ul><li>Features gear driven legs to grip and turn the tightest filters</li><li>Designed for use with 3/8&quot; driver or 3/4&quot; hex wrench</li><li>Compact design allows for use in tight spaces.</li><li>Removes filters from 2-3/8&quot; to 3-3/4&quot; (60-95 mm)</li></ul>

Regular: $21.18
Sale: $18.59

Heavy Duty Three Legged Oil Filter Wrench

Product Num: CVT 987

Manufacturer: CVT

<ul><li>Ideal for removing spin-on filters in tight access areas</li><li>No handle to interfere with removal</li><li>Long serrated legs driven by 3/8&quot; extension and ratchet wrap around the filter</li><li>Fits filters with diameter of 2-1/2&quot; to 4-3/4&quot; </li></ul>

Regular: $25.75
Sale: $22.60

4-in-1 Swivel Oil Filter Wrench

Product Num: CVT 967

Manufacturer: CVT

<ul><li>Wrench set features one swivel handle assembly with (4) interchangeable bands.</li><li>Designed with two detente pins for quick and easy band attachment.</li><li>Fits oil filters 2 3/8&quot; to 4 3/8&quot; (61mm-111mm)</li></ul>

Regular: $36.31
Sale: $31.86

Oil Filter/PVC Pipe Pliers, 9"

Product Num: IRW 1773631

Manufacturer: Irwin / Hanson / Unibit / Vise Grip

<ul><li>Jaw Length: 1-3/4&quot;</li><li>Jaw Capacity: 1-3/4&quot;</li><li>Specially Designed For Oil Filters or PVC Pipe</li><li>4 Adjustment Positions For Versatility</li><li>Lifetime Guarantee</li></ul>

Regular: $23.35
Sale: $21.02

Truck Oil Filter Pliers

Product Num: KTI 73621

Manufacturer: K Tool International

<ul><li>Capable of removing all agricultural and construction equipment and automotive canister-type filters.</li><li>Ideal for loosening over-tightened or seized filters, providing superior leverage for high-torque applications.</li><li>Spring-loaded truck and tractor filter pliers work on auto filters as well as Cummins diesel filters.</li><li>Pliers feature a range of 4&quot; to 7&quot;.</li><li>The forged jaws and extra teeth ensure a strong, sure grip.</li><li>Boasts 17&quot; extended-reach handles which allow users to access the toughest areas.</li><li>Truck and tractor filter pliers also feature cushioned, ergonomic handle grips to reduce user fatigue.</li></ul>

Regular: $46.41
Sale: $41.77

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