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7 Pc. Professional Quick Change Ratcheting Crimping Tool Set

Product Num: APT 9477

Manufacturer: Astro Pneumatic

  • Quick changing jaw design does not require any other tool to change the jaws
  • Ergonomically designed steel frame handles with contoured rubber grips
  • Time saving tools allows faster crimping of terminals and wire
  • Crimper is easily operated by either left or right hand

Regular: $125.65
Sale: $106.80

Wiring Tool

Product Num: CK 908

Manufacturer: ChannelLock

  • Crimps both insulated and non-insulated wire

Regular: $24.52
Sale: $18.77

Crimping & Cutting Tool

Product Num: CK 909

Manufacturer: ChannelLock

  • Handles wire from 10 to 22

Regular: $30.36
Sale: $23.29

Large 2 in 1 Wire Cutter/Stripper

Product Num: IPA 7870A

Manufacturer: Innov Prod of America

  • Automatically adjusts to strip wire sizes 14 to 26 AWG
  • Ideal for working in small areas with limited working space
  • No holes to line up: just insert the wire and squeeze the handles

Regular: $22.95
Sale: $20.66

Large 2 in 1 Cutter/Stripper

Product Num: IPA 7896

Manufacturer: Innov Prod of America

  • Same great features as the IPA 007870 PLUS
  • Will strip wire from 10 to 14 gauge
  • Even works on house wire

Regular: $25.95
Sale: $23.36

23" Gator Jaws Plier

Product Num: IPA 7899

Manufacturer: Innov Prod of America

<ul><li>Reach around hot exhaust manifolds without burning your arm.</li><li>Grab your oil filter with tremendous gripping force using its 32 biting teeth.</li><li>New and improved – opens wider</li><li>Removes over-tightened filters</li><li>Works on oil, fuel, and hydraulic filters, fuel sending units and more</li><li>Removes oil and fuel filters up to 8” diameter</li><li>23” long with tremendous holding power</li><li>Three different settings for optimum grip</li></ul>

Regular: $74.95
Sale: $67.46

Lineman''s 9.5" Pliers with Wire Stripper, Crimper, Fish Tape Puller

Product Num: IRW 1773614

Manufacturer: Irwin / Hanson / Unibit / Vise Grip

<ul><li>Jaw Length: 1-9/16&quot;</li><li>Jaw Width: 1-1/4&quot;</li><li>Jaw thickness: 5/8&quot; </li><li>Durable nickel chromium steel construction</li><li>ProTouch&trade; grips provide extra comfort and reduces hand fatigue</li><li>Induction hardened cutting edge stays sharper, longer</li><li>Machined jaws for maximum gripping strength</li><li>Meets or exceeds ANSI specifications</li></ul>

Regular: $36.47
Sale: $32.82

8" Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper

Product Num: IRW 2078300

Manufacturer: Irwin / Hanson / Unibit / Vise Grip

  • Self-adjusting stripper strips wire from 10-24 AWG
  • Adjustable stopper controls the length of the core strip
  • Swivel knob micro-adjusts for gauges smaller than 20 AWG
  • Wire crimper crimps 10-22 AWG insulated, 10-22 AWG non-insulated and 7-9mm ignition terminals
  • Wire cutter extends versatility
  • ProTouch™ grips provide maximum comfort and reduced hand fatigue

Regular: $35.19
Sale: $25.99

Multi-Purpose Electrician''s Tool – 8-22 AWG

Product Num: KLN 1001

Manufacturer: Klien Tools

  • Two wire cutters—one at tip, the other halfway back near stripping holes—double the utility of this tool
  • Crimps 7-8 mm insulated and non-insulated terminals, lugs and splices
  • Cuts and strips 8-22 AWG solid and 10-26 AWG stranded wire
  • Cleanly shears bolts
  • Pivot nut adjusts tension
  • Left- and right-hand wire-looping holes near tip
  • Full-sized, plastic-covered cushioned handles for comfort
  • Wire cutter in nose and below pivot
  • Crimping dies color-coded for easy identification

Regular: $34.48
Sale: $31.03

Journeyman TM Crimping/Cutting Tool — Non-Insulated/Insulated Terminals

Product Num: KLN J1005

Manufacturer: Klien Tools

  • Crimps insulated and non-insulated 10 to 22 AWG solderless terminals and connectors
  • Tapered nose design for working in tight spaces
  • Specially hardened cutter

Regular: $49.90
Sale: $44.91

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