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4 Pc. Flex Nut Driver Set

Product Num: AST 3700

Manufacturer: Assenmacher

  • 5mm-8mm flexible nut driver set
  • Ideal for quick access to hose clamps on various makes and models
  • 5-Year warranty
  • Handles constructed of tough composite plastic

Regular: $93.31
Sale: $83.98

5 Pc. Metric Power Nut Driver Set

Product Num: TTN 15221

Manufacturer: Titan / Vaper

<ul><li>Impact grade</li><li>Sizes 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 13mm and 14mm</li><li>1/4&quot; hex shank fits any standard drill chuck</li><li>Includes handy storage rail</li></ul>

Regular: $23.33
Sale: $21.00

6 Pc. Metric Power Nut Driver Set

Product Num: TTN 15223

Manufacturer: Titan / Vaper

  • Impact grade
  • Color ring for easy size identification
  • Sizes 8, 10, 12, 13, 14 and 15mm
  • 1/4" hex shank fits any standard drill chuck
  • Includes handy storage rail

Regular: $36.67
Sale: $33.00

12 Pc. Metric Power Driver Nut Setters

Product Num: VIM NSM100

Manufacturer: VIM

2 Drivers in Each Case
  • 10mm - 14mm
  • Each set includes 6 magnetic and 6 hollow point nut setters
  • All drivers are 2-9/16" long with 1/4" hex power driver shanks
  • Cold forged tools, high alloy steel heat treated
  • Handy storage case
  • Lifetime wattanty

Regular: $39.10
Sale: $32.27

3/4" Impact Wrench & Anvil Kit

Product Num: IR 261-THK1

Manufacturer: Ingersoll Rand

For use with IR 261

Regular: $126.50

7 Pc. Magnetic HollowCore TM Metric Nut Driver Set

Product Num: MIL 48-22-2517

Manufacturer: Milwaukee Electric

<ul><li>HollowCore™ Unlimited Depth - Ideal for long bolts or threaded rod applications</li><li>Magnetic Drivers - Secure fitment in fastening applications</li><li>Universal driver head fits 4X more fasteners</li><li>Removes rusted and stripped bolts</li><li>Color Coded ID Markings allow for quick tool identification on jobsite</li><li>Wrench Ready HEX shanks deliver additional leverage</li><li>Chrome Plated - Marine Grade Rust Protection</li><li>Forged steel shanks provide longer life and more durability</li><li>Deep well sockets - Drive multiple fasteners</li><li>Includes 5, 5.5, 6, 7, 8, 10 and 13mm Drivers</li></ul>

Regular: $110.00
Sale: $93.50

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