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Feeler Gauge

23-Bld feeler gauge for gen. H.D. Truck valve adj.

Product Num: LNG 3074

Manufacturer: LNG

  • Loose set of feeler gauge blades have a range of .008” To .030” To cover all heavy-duty truck engine applications, and come on a ring to keep them all together.
  • 3” Blade with .625” Long 45° offset .

Regular: $13.63
Sale: $12.27

Master Feeler Gauge Set For Heavy Duty Truck Valve Adjustment

Product Num: LNG 3079

Manufacturer: LNG

<ul><li>Set contains the following handle and gauge configurations: double-end plastic color-coded handle; 6&quot; blade with 1&quot; long 90° offset; 3&quot; blade with 5/8&quot; long 45° offset; 3&quot; blade with 1&quot; long 30° offset and 1/2&quot; of 0.002&quot; step</li><li>The feeler gauge blades sets have a range of .008” to .030” to cover heavy-duty truck engine applications</li><li>This handle and blade set was designed to make valve adjustments faster and easier</li><li>The double-end plastic handle is color-coded light blue for intake and red for exhaust, with three different configurations of offset blades</li></ul>

Regular: $79.31
Sale: $71.38

25-Blade Metric Feeler Gauge

Product Num: LNG FG-30

Manufacturer: LNG

<ul><li>Contains: 3&quot; x 1/2&quot; blades with thicknesses .04mm–10mm, .15mm, .20mm, .25mm, .30mm, .35mm, .40mm, .45mm, .50mm, .55mm, .60mm, .65mm, .70mm, .75mm, .80mm, .85mm, .90mm, .95mm, 1.00mm</li><li>Equipped with knurled lock-nut, which releases the blades instantly for rapid selection of size desired and when tightened locks the individual blade into the working position, retaining the blades not in use firmly in the handle</li><li>The metric sizes are permanently etched on each blade</li></ul>

Regular: $7.60
Sale: $6.84

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