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Tire Pressure Monitoring System

1 Year Update License

Product Num: BAR WRT400SUL1

Manufacturer: BAR

Regular: $349.95
Sale: $297.46

2 Year Update License

Product Num: BAR WRT400SUL2

Manufacturer: BAR

Regular: $594.95
Sale: $505.71

3 Year Update License

Product Num: BAR WRT400SUL3

Manufacturer: BAR

Regular: $787.35
Sale: $669.25

Tech 300SB TPMS Tool

Product Num: BAR WRT300PSD

Manufacturer: BAR

  • Non OBD basic activation tool that can relearn stationary TPMS systems found on GM, Ford, and Chrysler
  • Vehicle Make/Model/Year selection offers the most accurate method for vehicle relearns
  • With two options for updating; Internet updating and non-internet mini SD card updating
  • Features detailed printable audit report, EZ-Sensor™ programming option, activate and decode TPMS Sensors, 9V rechargeable battery
  • Kit includes: Tech300SD tool, activation magnet, user guide, CD, USB cable, rechargeable battery and charger, carrying case, and one year FREE software updates

Regular: $799.95
Sale: $599.00

Tire Pressure Sensor Repositioning Tool

Product Num: KTI 71990A

Manufacturer: K Tool International

  • A patented product that has been designed to universally initiate all known tire sensors available in the marketplace today
  • Accommodates both magnetically and electronically triggered sensors so one tool is all you need

Regular: $254.23
Sale: $211.98

TPMS Essential Kit/Combo

Product Num: KTI 71989

Manufacturer: K Tool International

  • Everything you need in one handy, economical kit
  • Kit Includes: TPM tool, Programming Interface Module (PIM) with one year of updates, the 2010 PST-TIPS Quick Reference Guide on CD-ROM, TPMS Quick Spec Flip Chart and the "Guide to TPMS" Training DVD

Regular: $337.76
Sale: $287.10

Electronic Torque Wrench (TPMS)

Product Num: OT 3833-25

Manufacturer: OTC

  • 10–120 in/lbs (1-14 Nm)
  • Torque set quickly with unique slide bar on the scale
  • Indexing head allows for use straight (screwdriver position) to spin nut down quickly
  • Rotate to 90º position to torque and leverage
  • Torque limit LED flashes with audible beep
  • Power switch with LED indicator
  • Uses coin style batteries
  • Approximately 8.5" long
  • A standard torque wrench for use in all torque application within the range

Regular: $169.95
Sale: $144.31

TPM Battery Stick (TPMS)

Product Num: OT 3833-13

Manufacturer: OTC

  • The new internal battery stick and charging cradle for the OTC TPM allows the unit to be placed in the cradle when not in use, allowing for the unit to always be charged
  • Eliminates the need to replace batteries

Regular: $195.95
Sale: $166.56

EZ-sensor TM Update Kit

Product Num: OT 3834EZ-01

Manufacturer: OTC

  • Kit Includes: programming cradle, User guide, Quick Start Guide, USB cable, Application chart, Training Video, Software Activation Certificate, Six months of updates
  • Note: For existing TPR owners
  • Fast simple programming using OTC TPR Tool
  • Eliminates the need to perform relearn procedures when replacing sensors
  • No scan tool required for programming
  • Will replace over 90% of current TPMS sensors!
  • Save money & fit the right part
  • Fast simple assembly to the wheel rim

Regular: $269.95
Sale: $229.46

Tire Pressure Monitoring System Accessory Kit

Product Num: OT 3836

Manufacturer: OTC

  • Fast and simple to use stand alone TPMS activation tool
  • Works on all known TPMS sensors through 2009
  • Bright graphic display and simple navigation buttons enable vehicle selection for fast activation
  • Automatically adjusts activation output power to eliminate cross activation of near sensors
  • Easily Updated with a wireless connection to the Genisys scan tool when new software is installed on the Genisys
  • Compatible with the entire Genisys family of scan tools
  • Register new sensor ID's on Asian vehicles
  • Use the TPR to activate and decode sensor ID's and transmit them to the Genisys wirelessly
  • Bluetooth wireless communication adapter included
  • Quick reference reset procedures can be quickly accessed on the Genisys
  • Includes: Activation magnet, valve stem torque wrench, valve nut torque wrench, digital tire pressure gauge, TPMS Poster, TPMS flip charts, 11mm socket, 12mm socket and torque tool

Regular: $295.00
Sale: $250.75

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