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2 Channel Automotive Scope

Product Num: OT 3840F

Manufacturer: OTC

  • Exclusive vehicle-specific database contains information for most domestic vehicles as well as many imports. The Scope also recommends the appropriate test procedures for fast, accurate repairs. Visible on the screen are diagrams showing pin numbers and wire colors for both the PCM and the component connector

Regular: $1,549.95
Sale: $1,317.46


Product Num: AUT MP408-BASIC

Manufacturer: AUT

Regular: $729.00
Sale: $619.65


Product Num: OT 3840-01

Manufacturer: OTC

Regular: $42.95
Sale: $38.66


Product Num: OT 3857

Manufacturer: OTC

Pc Based Digital Oscilloscope With Multimeter
  • Simply load the tech scope software on your PC or netbook and connect via the supplied USB cable
  • Displays time difference/frequency between cursors and waveform values at selected points
  • Automatic record to store waveforms in a circular buffer with 50 screens of data
  • AC/DC coupling
  • Auto setup adjusts vertical scale, sweep time and trigger point
  • User selectable peak detect captures high speed signals at the maximum sampling rate even at slow sweep speed
  • Capture the current waveform, along with analog and digital glitches
  • Low, medium, and high glitch sensitivity settings
  • Enable and disable scale grids and display
  • Includes: 3857 Tech-Scope™, green and yellow scope probes, kV probe, ground clamp, USB cable, tech-scope CD, protective carry case and a one year warranty

Regular: $1,099.95
Sale: $874.13


Product Num: TPI 440

Manufacturer: TPI

Regular: $648.80
Sale: $551.48


Product Num: WAE 75000

Manufacturer: Waekon

Scope Out Voltage Without The Scope!
<ul><li>Auto Set Feature: Automatically sets time and voltage scale adjustment for the signal or voltage being viewed</li><li>Zoom and Pan: Adjust the view of the signal for a more detailed waveform</li><li>4 GB Micro SD Card: Save waveform snapshots for later review on the tool or a PC</li><li>Accurate Readings: Sample rate up to one million samples/second</li><li>Color LCD Display: Easy viewing of waveform time and voltage scale</li><li>Use On: Ignition Systems, Fuel Injectors, Mass Air Flow, Oxygen Sensor, Throttle Position Sensor, Crank And Cam, Pulse Width Modulated, Components, And Much More...</li><li>Kit includes: AutoWave, Signal Probe Extender Cable, 4GB SD Card &amp; Adapter, Ground Cable and Storage Case</li></ul>

Regular: $389.00
Sale: $296.63

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