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Code Readers


Product Num: INV 3040

Manufacturer: Innova

Regular: $147.13
Sale: $125.06

Ingen Diagnostic Data Recorder Kit

Product Num: MID IDR-10 KIT

Manufacturer: Midtronics

  • Includes: IDR-10, 4 color-coded auxiliary voltage harness kit, Auxiliary current harness kit, Main battery + cable, DAS software, USB data card reader, Data Card, Stylus, Under Hood Installation Case and Carrying Case
  • Uses a common data card for transferring or storing data
  • User-defined events for identifying possible faults using Boolean functions
  • Continuously samples at 50 millisecond intervals in full power mode
  • When trigger is engaged, data is flushed to the data card
  • Gives user the ability to record voltage and current from 20 milliAmps to 350 Amps
  • Included inGEN Diagnostic Analysis software package for data analysis and diagnostics
  • Data card stores data as set-up in the inGEN Diagnostic Analysis Software Test triggers can be set by time, event, power level, or any number or combination of other variables

Regular: $7,460.00
Sale: $6,341.00

Heavy Duty Code Reader

Product Num: OT 3418

Manufacturer: OTC

  • The perfect tool for technicians that need a fast ‘Toolbox Tool” to read and clear heavy-duty DTC’s
  • Class 4-8 Truck coverage
  • HD J1587/J1708/J1939 Car, engine, transmission/ABS coverage
  • Kit Includes: Code Reader, 9 Pin Deutsch Cable, 6 Pin Deutsch Cable, Operations Manual and Carrying Pouch

Regular: $493.95
Sale: $419.86

Reset + Promo

Product Num: CAN RESETP-P

Manufacturer: CAN

Includes Free iOBD2 Code Reader
<ul><li>Reset oil and service reminder lights on vehicles 1996 and newer (Not all vehicles require a scan tool to reset oil and service reminder lights)</li><li>On-screen instructions included for manually reset vehicles</li><li>Free internet updates</li><li>One year warranty</li><li>Added functions based on manufacturer (Available resets dependent on vehicle year, make and model)</li></ul>

Regular: $259.90
Sale: $125.00

Code Buddy Plus

Product Num: ESI 902

Manufacturer: Electronic Specialties

  • Retrieve codes generic and manufacturer specific
  • View freeze frame data
  • Display live data stream
  • Turn off check engine light(MIL), clear codes, and reset monitors
  • Identifies pending codes
  • Retrieve vehicle information - VIN number and Calibration ID
  • Supports CAN(Controller Area Network) and all other current OBDII protocols
  • Display backlit, 128 x 64 pixel

Regular: $76.50
Sale: $62.78

Code Buddy PRO

Product Num: ESI 903

Manufacturer: Electronic Specialties

CAN OBD II Code Scanner with Live DATA
<ul><li>Displays full Live Data Stream &amp; Freeze Frame Data</li><li>View Diagnostic Monitor Data</span> (MODE 406)</li><li>Displays O2 sensor test data</li><li>Identifies Pending Codes</li><li>Built-in OBDII fault code lookup library</li><li>Retrieve Vehicle Information - VIN Number &amp; Calibration ID</li></ul>

Regular: $79.50
Sale: $62.78

CarScan® OBD II Code Reader

Product Num: INV 30203

Manufacturer: Innova

  • Works on new 2010 diesel emissions systems, medium duty vehicle and hybrids
  • Vehicle Health Status LED’s confirm if a vehicle will pass or fail an emissions test
  • Patented emissions readiness advisor, hot keys = plug and play diagnostics
  • Quickly diagnose and turn off the check engine light
  • Great for service writers and entry level technicians

Regular: $85.50
Sale: $65.21

OBD2 Code Reader

Product Num: INV 3030

Manufacturer: Innova

  • For all 1996 and newer vehicles
  • Patented one screen display
  • Turns off “Check Engine” light
  • Red, yellow, green LEDs identify emissions test pass or fail
  • Auto refresh updates data every 30 seconds
  • Includes: OBD CD video and manual

Regular: $102.81
Sale: $87.39


Product Num: LAU 301050093

Manufacturer: LAU

Regular: $124.95
Sale: $87.31

X431 Creader VI+

Product Num: LAU 301050099

Manufacturer: LAU

<ul><li>Read and Clear DTC’s</li><li>Coverage For The Latest Modes 1 Thru 10</li><li>Generic and Manufacturer Specific Definitions Built in</li><li>02 Sensor and EVAP System Tests</li><li>2010 and Newer Permanent Code Retrieval</li><li>Record, Save &amp; Playback Live Data-Up To 8 Hours!</li><li>View and Graph Live Data-up To 4 Color Graphs At The Same Time!</li><li>Store Up To 29 Different Recordings*</li><li>Display, Record and Save Codes &amp; Freeze Frame Data</li><li>Identifies VIN information</li><li>I/m Readiness Monitor Status &amp; Drive Cycle Verification</li></ul>

Regular: $119.95
Sale: $101.96

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