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Universal Tool Board Display

Product Num: GWR 81438

Manufacturer: GearWrench

Regular: $93.48
Sale: $78.87

18 Pc. Pliers & Screwdriver Tool Board Assortment

Product Num: GWR 81432

Manufacturer: GearWrench

<ul><li>#1 x 3&quot; Phillips</li><li>#2 x 1-1/2&quot; Phillips</li><li>#2 x 4&quot; Phillips with Bolster</li><li>#3 x 6&quot; Phillips with Bolster</li><li>1/4&quot; x 1-1/2&quot; Slotted</li><li>1/4&quot; x 4&quot; Slotted with Bolster</li><li>1/4&quot; x 6&quot; Slotted with Bolster</li><li>1/8&quot; x 3&quot; Slotted with Cabinet Tip</li><li>3/16&quot; x 4&quot; Slotted with Cabinet Tip</li> <li>3/16&quot; x 6&quot; Slotted with Cabinet Tip</li><li>5/16&quot; x 6&quot; Slotted with Bolster</li><li>6&quot; Diagonal Pliers</li> <li>6&quot; Long Nose Pliers</li><li>9-1/2&quot; Tongue and Groove Pliers</li><li>7&quot; Diagonal Cutting Pliers</li><li>8&quot; Long Nose Pliers</li><li>8&quot; Slip Joint Pliers</li><li>8&quot; Lineman Pliers - Standard DM Grip</li></ul>

Regular: $154.95
Sale: $121.04

21 Pc. Metric Non-Ratcheting Wrench Tool Board

Product Num: GWR 81431

Manufacturer: GearWrench

<ul><li>3/8&quot; Dr. Crowfoot Wrench: 10mm, 12mm, 14mm and 17mm</li><li>10 x 12mm Flare Nut Wrench</li><li>13 x 14mm Flare Nut Wrench</li><li>15 x 17mm Flare Nut Wrench</li><li>16 x 18mm Flare Nut Wrench</li><li>Long Pattern Combo Wrenches: 6–12mm and 14–19mm</li></ul>

Regular: $175.27
Sale: $136.93

22 Pc. SAE Non-Ratcheting Wrench Tool Board

Product Num: GWR 81430

Manufacturer: GearWrench

<ul><li>3/8&quot; Dr. Crowfoot Wrenches: 9/16&quot;, 3/4&quot;, 7/8&quot; and 1&quot;</li><li>Long Pattern Combo Wrenches: 1/4&quot;–1-1/16&quot;</li><li>3/8&quot; x 7/16&quot; Flare Nut Wrench</li><li>1/2&quot; x 9/16&quot; Flare Nut Wrench</li><li>5/8&quot; x 11/16&quot; Flare Nut Wrench</li><li>3/4&quot; x 7/8&quot; Flare Nut Wrench</li></ul>

Regular: $220.02
Sale: $171.88

23 Pc. Hammer, Punch & Chisel Tool Board Assortment

Product Num: GWR 81433

Manufacturer: GearWrench

<ul><li>16&quot; Indexable Pry Bar</li><li>Ball Pein Hammer, Fiberglass: 8 oz, 16 oz and 32 oz</li><li>3 lb Drilling Hammer - Fiberglass Handle</li><li>16 oz Rubber Mallet - Wood Handle</li><li>12 oz Soft, Hammer, Removable Caps</li><li>3/8&quot; x 5&quot; x 5/16&quot; Cold Chisel</li><li>7/16&quot; x 5-1/2&quot; x 3/8&quot; Cold Chisel</li><li>5/8&quot; x 6-1/2&quot; x 3/8&quot; Cold Chisel</li><li>3/4&quot; x 7&quot; x 5/8&quot; Cold Chisel</li><li>7/8&quot; x 7-1/2&quot; x 3/4&quot; Cold Chisel</li><li>1/8&quot; x 5&quot; x 5/16&quot; Pin Punch</li><li>5/32&quot; x 5-1/4&quot; x 5/16&quot; Pin Punch</li><li>3/16&quot; x 5-1/2&quot; x 5/16&quot; Pin Punch</li><li>1/8&quot; x 8&quot; x /8&quot; Long Taper Punch</li><li>5/32&quot; x 8-1/2&quot; x 1/2&quot; Long Taper</li><li>3/16&quot; x 9&quot; x 1/2&quot; Long Taper Punch</li><li>1/4&quot; x 11&quot; x 5/8&quot; Long Taper Punch</li><li>1/4&quot; x 6&quot; x 1/2&quot; Starter Punch</li><li>3/8&quot; x 8&quot; x 3/4&quot; Starter Punch</li><li>4 Pc. Chisel Set</li><li>5 Pc. Pin Punch Set</li></ul>

Regular: $288.05
Sale: $225.03

1/4" & 3/8" Drive Tool & Socket Board Assortment

Product Num: GWR 81434

Manufacturer: GearWrench

<ul><li>Universal Joints: 1/4&quot; and 3/8&quot;</li><li>1/4&quot; Dr. 6 Pt. Standard Sockets:<ul><li>7/32&quot;, 1/4&quot; and 5/16&quot;</li><li>7mm, 8mm and 10mm</li></ul></li><li>1/4&quot; Dr. 6 Pt. Deep Sockets:<ul><li>7/32&quot;, 1/4&quot;, 5/16&quot;, 3/8&quot; and 7/16&quot;</li><li>7mm, 8mm and 10mm</li></ul></li><li>1/4&quot; Dr. Ratchet with Cushion Grip</li><li>Full Polish Teardrop Ratchets: 1/4&quot; and 3/8&quot;</li><li>Teardrop Quick Release Ratchets: 1/4&quot; and 3/8&quot;</li><li>1/4&quot; Dr. Extensions: 3&quot; and 6&quot;</li><li>1/4&quot; F - 3/8&quot;M Drive Adapter</li><li>1/4&quot; Dr. Spinner Handle</li><li>3/8&quot; Dr. 6 Pt. Standard Sockets:<ul><li>5/16&quot;, 1/2&quot;, 9/16&quot; and 3/4&quot;</li><li>8mm, 10mm, 13mm, 14mm, 15mm and 18mm</li></ul></li><li>3/8&quot; Dr. 6 Pt. Deep Sockets:<ul><li>7/16&quot;, 1/2&quot; and 9/16&quot;</li><li>10mm, 13mm, 14mm, 15mm and 18mm</li></ul></li><li>3/8&quot; Dr. Spark Plug Sockets: 5/8&quot; and 13/16&quot;</li><li>3/8&quot; Dr. Full Polish Flex Head Ratchet</li><li>3/8&quot; Dr. Full Polish Flex Handle - 12&quot;</li><li>3/8&quot; Dr. Extensions: 1-1/2&quot;, 3&quot;, 6&quot; and 10&quot;</li><li>3/8&quot; F - 1/4&quot; M Decreasing Adapter</li><li>3/8&quot; F - 1/2&quot; M Increasing Adapter</li></ul>

Regular: $333.93
Sale: $260.86

Socket & Drive Tool Board - 1/2" Drive

Product Num: GWR 81435

Manufacturer: GearWrench

<ul><li>6 Pt. Standard Sockets: 5/8&quot;–1-1/8&quot;</li><li>12 Pt. Standard Sockets: 7/16&quot;–9/16&quot; and 1-1/4&quot;</li><li>12 Pt. Deep Sockets: 1/2&quot;–1-1/8&quot;</li><li>1/2&quot; Dr. Universal Joint</li><li>1/2&quot; Dr. Ratchet with Cushion Grip</li><li>1/2&quot; Dr. Full Polish Teardrop and Flex Head Ratchet</li><li>1/2&quot; Dr. Full Polish Flex Handles: 15&quot; and 24&quot;</li><li>1/2&quot; Dr. Extensions: 3&quot;, 5&quot; and 10&quot;</li><li>1/2&quot; F - 3/8&quot; M Decreasing Adapter</li><li>1/2&quot; F - 3/4&quot; M Increasing Adapter</li></ul>

Regular: $359.67
Sale: $280.99

Impact Socket & Adjustable Wrench Board

Product Num: GWR 81436

Manufacturer: GearWrench

<ul><li>Impact Universal Joint: 3/8&quot;and 1/2&quot;</li><li>1/2&quot; Dr. Impact Sockets:<ul><li>9/16&quot;, 3/4&quot;, 7/8&quot;, 15/16&quot; and 1-1/8&quot;</li><li>13–15mm, 17mm and 19mm</li></ul></li><li>1/2&quot; Dr. Deep Impact Sockets:<ul><li>7/16&quot;–1-1/16&quot;</li><li>30mm and 36mm</li></ul></li><li>1/2&quot; Dr. Impact Extension Bars: 3&quot; and 5&quot;</li><li>3/4&quot; Dr. Impact Sockets: 3/4&quot;, 7/8&quot;, 15/16&quot;, 1-1/8&quot;, 1-3/16&quot;, 1-1/4&quot;, 1-5/16&quot;, 1-3/8&quot;, 1-7/16&quot; and 1-1/2&quot;</li><li>3/4&quot; Dr. Deep Impact Sockets: 15/16&quot;, 1-1/16&quot;, 1-1/8&quot;, 1-1/4&quot; and 1-1/2&quot;</li><li>3/4&quot; Dr. Impact Extension: 6&quot;</li><li>Adjustable Wrench with Cushion Grip: 6&quot;, 8&quot;, 10&quot; and 12&quot;</li></ul>

Regular: $426.96
Sale: $333.56

Miniature 4 in 1 Pocket Screwdriver Display

Product Num: VIM MS24

Manufacturer: VIM

  • Packaged in a dashboard display box, 24 piece box
  • 4 in 1 screwdriver features two bits, Flat and Philips
  • Philips sizes are P0 and P00, Flat tip sizes are1.5mm and 3mm
  • This is a great high quality tool for precision work
  • Lifetime warranty

Regular: $78.03
Sale: $69.53


Product Num: BLR 5300

Manufacturer: Blair

Regular: $328.13
Sale: $262.50

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