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180 Grit Replacement Wheel

Product Num: DDR DA31320GF

Manufacturer: Drill Doctor

Regular: $26.95
Sale: $23.90

Drill Doctor Sharpening Wheel 180-Grit

Product Num: DDR SA01326GA

Manufacturer: Drill Doctor

  • For Classic Models 300, 400, 500, 750
  • You can expect 200 or more sharpenings from this sharpening wheel
  • The 180-grit wheel has three layers of nickel/diamond plating to provide long life

Regular: $26.95
Sale: $24.26

Drill Doctor Left Hand Chuck for 500/750

Product Num: DDR SA01506PA

Manufacturer: Drill Doctor

  • Sharpen left handed drill bits on your Drill Doctor
  • This Drill Doctor chuck olds left-handed (reverse twist) 3/32" to 1/2" drill bits
  • Left-handed drill bits are used to remove broken bolts without creating an oversized hole, which would result in having to use a larger bolt to replace the one removed
  • A left-handed drill bit actually backs out the original broken bolt without damaging the existing threads
  • Fits Drill Doctor DD500 Tradesman or Drill Doctor DD750 Professional only
  • Not for XP or X Model!

Regular: $55.94
Sale: $50.35

1/2" Capacity Drill Bit Sharpener

Product Num: DDR 500X

Manufacturer: Drill Doctor

  • One piece alignment system improved precision, adjustability
  • Durable metal split point port improves accuracy
  • Guide rails instead of flats improve grind precision by 20%
  • Longer jaws hold bit more precisely
  • Jaw guides eliminate jaw twisting on small bits
  • Low profile clam shell design increases stability, eliminates walking

Regular: $163.95
Sale: $124.63

3/4" Capacity Drill Bit Sharpener

Product Num: DDR 750X

Manufacturer: Drill Doctor

  • One chuck to sharpen all sizes 3/32 - 3/4
  • Front loading design
  • Intuitive “push to stop” design won’t over split the bit
  • New custom point angle design
  • Adjustable material take off
  • No tool wheel hub design for quick wheel replacement

Regular: $197.95
Sale: $156.25

Left Hand Chuck

Product Num: DDR DA02105PF

Manufacturer: Drill Doctor

For Models XP, 500X & 750X
<ul><li>For sharpening left hand bits from 3/32&quot; to 1/2&quot;</li></ul>

Regular: $52.95
Sale: $47.66

100 Grit Replacement Wheel

Product Num: DDR DA31325GF

Manufacturer: Drill Doctor

For Models 350X, XP, 500X & 750X

Regular: $26.95
Sale: $24.26

3/4" Large Chuck

Product Num: DDR DA70100PF

Manufacturer: Drill Doctor

<ul><li>For Models XP, 500X (includes with 750X)</li></ul>

Regular: $52.95
Sale: $44.82

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