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Product Num: A923MB4F

Manufacturer: ACME Automotive

Regular: $25.80
Sale: $23.22

OBD 1&2 Enhanced Can Scan Tool Kit

Product Num: CP9190

Manufacturer: ACT

  • Same Features as CP9180 Plus:
  • Graph data - (‘96 and newer vehicles)
  • OBD coverage ‘84–‘95 Ford, ‘84–‘95 GM and ‘89–‘95 Chrysler vehicles

Regular: $478.95
Sale: $407.11

12V 30 LED

Product Num: 6316

Manufacturer: Astro Pneumatic

  • Cigarette lighter adapter and alligator clips
  • 16’ cord

Regular: $47.33
Sale: $42.60


Product Num: 515C

Manufacturer: CIA

No Image

Regular: $12.95
Sale: $11.66


Product Num: 525C

Manufacturer: CIA

No Image

Regular: $12.95
Sale: $11.66


Product Num: 307C

Manufacturer: CIA

No Image

Regular: $12.95
Sale: $11.66

Featured! Vision TM Manifold

Product Num: 309

Manufacturer: ClipLight

<ul><li>Patented see-through sight glass using ambient light for enhanced viewing of refrigerant and contaminants</li><li>Face dials in °F feature color coding for refrigerants R12 &amp; R134a</li><li>Ratcheting hook – gauge stays in position</li><li>Heavy duty valve handles with calibration rings</li><li>Fine throttle valves for liquid charging of blended refrigerants</li><li>Compatible with all standard refrigerant hoses</li></ul>

Regular: $169.07
Sale: $143.71
Featured: $139.99

Firefly Manifold Gauge

Product Num: 310

Manufacturer: ClipLight

No Image
Manifold Gauge set that give you increased vision and control for system diagnostics, charging, recovery and evacuation.
<ul><li>White or blue LED backlighting</li><li>Magnifying glass</li><li>Vinyl coated ratchet hanger &ndash; stays where you hang it</li><li>Ergonomic Heavy duty valve handles with calibration rings</li><li>Fine throttle control valves for liquid charging of blended refrigerants</li><li>Compatibility with all standard refrigerant hoses</li><li>Uses 2 lithium 3 volt batteries - included</li></ul>

Regular: $202.89
Sale: $172.46

Vison TM Manifold Gauge Set

Product Num: 309KIT

Manufacturer: ClipLight

<ul><li>Magnified Sight Glass Includes: White or blue LED backlighting - Illuminates dye, refrigerant and containments</li><li>Lifetime warranty on manifold values</li></ul>

Regular: $271.08
Sale: $230.42

Featured! OBD2 Code Reader

Product Num: 3030

Manufacturer: Innova

  • For all 1996 and newer vehicles
  • Patented one screen display
  • Turns off “Check Engine” light
  • Red, yellow, green LEDs identify emissions test pass or fail
  • Auto refresh updates data every 30 seconds
  • Includes: OBD CD video and manual

Regular: $102.81
Sale: $87.39
Featured: $84.99

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