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Memory Savers

12 V Accessory Connector/Memory Saver

Product Num: DSR INC-12V-OBD

Manufacturer: DSR Prof. Products

  • 78"
  • Use with your 12V Jump Starter to save fault codes and programmed electronic settings

Regular: $22.80
Sale: $17.01

12V Memory Saver

Product Num: DSR INC-7A-OBD

Manufacturer: DSR Prof. Products

  • On Board Diagnostic Connector (OBDll) plugs directly into vehicles OBDll Port
  • Preserves stored fault codes and programmed electronic settings
  • 7 Amp Hour Battery
  • Built-in Charger

Regular: $111.48
Sale: $77.25

Auto Memory Saver

Product Num: EZR MSBD28

Manufacturer: EZR

  • Prevent the loss of electronic memory when disconnecting the vehicle's battery
  • High visibility coiled cord stretches to 8 feet!
  • Easy storage in tool box
  • OBD2 connection uses positive and ground pins only, will not interfere with fault codes
  • Coiled cord prevents tangles
  • In line fuse
  • Cigarette lighter input. (12 volt power source not included.)

Regular: $21.49
Sale: $17.96

Computer Memory Saver

Product Num: EZR MS4000

Manufacturer: EZR

  • Plugs directly into the vehicles OBD2 Port
  • 12 volt, 4.5 amp hour sealed lead acid battery included inside unit
  • Built in circuit breaker
  • Low power and connection indicator

Regular: $110.14
Sale: $83.06

Professional Memory Saver

Product Num: OT 3177A

Manufacturer: OTC

  • An effective solution for saving vehicle data
  • Saves the vehicle's on-board diagnostic memory and other on-board memory components such as anti-theft radios, digital clocks, radio presets, seats, mirrors, comfort settings, etc. When the vehicle's battery is removed or disconnected
  • OBD II cable for fast connection to the vehicle
  • Cigarette lighter adapter for use with vehicles that do not have an OBD II connector
  • LED lights confirm circuit between the cigarette lighter/power outlet and the vehicle's battery with the ignition on or off
  • State of charge indicator identifies when the memory saver needs to be plugged in for recharge
  • Resettable fuse protects against excessive current draw through either the OBD II connector or the vehicle's cigarette lighter
  • High capacity, rechargeable sealed lead acid battery for extended service between charges
  • Power on/off switch
  • One complete, durable compact unit

Regular: $119.95
Sale: $101.96

Vehicle Memory Saver Connector

Product Num: SO ESA30

Manufacturer: Solar

  • Interface connector between a jump starter and vehicle's OBD II port
  • Turns any jump starter with a 12V power port into a memory saver

Regular: $23.64
Sale: $15.19

OBD2 Memory Saver

Product Num: CVT 71

Manufacturer: CVT

<ul><li>Designed for use with lithium portable power units with fuse and back charge protection.</li><li>Saves service time during battery disconnect</li></ul>

Regular: $31.51
Sale: $22.41

Replacement OBD2 Connector Wire Harness for MS4000

Product Num: EZR 504

Manufacturer: EZR

Regular: $23.50
Sale: $18.72

MS4000 to CLA Style Adapter

Product Num: EZR FABD25

Manufacturer: EZR

<ul><li>Use this accessory to turn your MS4000 memory saver from the OBD2 style into the CLA style Cigarette lighter input.</li><li>For use with older model vehicles That do not have an OBD2 port.</li><li>Total length 10"</li></ul>

Regular: $18.01
Sale: $16.21


Product Num: EZR MS69P

Manufacturer: EZR

Regular: $49.95
Sale: $44.96

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