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Portable Battery Charger 1.5 Amp, 12 Volt

Product Num: AC 9002

Manufacturer: Associated

  • Automatic Charger/Maintainer. For all vehicles, can be mounted in the vehicle. Fully automatic with charging status indicated by LED. Reverse polarity and short circuit protection. Standard Master Carton contains 2 units
  • Voltage: 12V

Regular: $55.93
Sale: $46.64

6/12 Volt Automatic Charger/Maintainer

Product Num: AC 9003

Manufacturer: Associated

  • 0.9 Amp, Slide switch for 6-12V setting

Regular: $67.48
Sale: $55.62

10A 12V Microprocessor Controlled Fully Automatic Battery Charger

Product Num: AC 9410

Manufacturer: Associated

  • Works on flooded and AGM sealed batteries.
  • Suitable for re-flashing vehicles

Regular: $355.17
Sale: $301.89

12V Automatic Charger / Analyzer

Product Num: AC 9425

Manufacturer: Associated

  • Micro-processor controlled and fully automatic
  • Electrical Stability System (ESS) technology turns the 9425 into a stable supply for extended service procedures or re-flashes. Nominal 13.7V DC output
  • Program for deep discharge recovery of flooded batteries
  • Patented diagnostics indicate weak or defective battery
  • Charges all types of 12 volt batteries
  • Designed for AGM, Gel Cell, Sealed, and Standard Flooded batteries including Spiral cell, Orbital, or Optima batteries
  • Maintains battery charge, can be left connected to battery
  • Reverse polarity protected
  • "Safe In Any Weather" Operation
  • UL Listed
  • Made in the USA

Regular: $501.45
Sale: $426.23

Smart Starter Booster Cart

Product Num: CHR CS3

Manufacturer: Christie Automotive

  • Smart, safe battery boosting/jump starting
  • Voltage Spike Protection to protect vehicle electronics against power surges
  • Automatic Reverse Polarity Protection to guard against accidental reverse connections
  • Integrated automatic charger maintains the onboard battery at peak charge while not in use
  • Separate voltmeter shows vehicle battery voltage to assist technicians in identifying other starting problems
  • Warning light indicates when the onboard battery is low and needs to be recharged
  • Remote starting switch improves safety
  • Accommodates a Group 27 battery (not included)

Regular: $938.91
Sale: $798.07

Fleet Duty Fast Charger

Product Num: CHR FDC

Manufacturer: Christie Automotive

  • 6/12/24 Volt operation
  • 70A fast charge rate
  • 300A 12V engine starting assistance
  • Multiple charge rates at each voltage
  • 2 hour timer with "Hold" position
  • Automatic Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Voltage Spike Protection
  • Christie-tough construction
  • Christie 10/5/1 Limited Warranty

Regular: $1,416.03
Sale: $1,203.63

6 amp / 2amp manual battery charger

Product Num: DSR PS-620

Manufacturer: DSR Prof. Products

  • Manual Charging Mode
  • 50 amp clamp size
  • Charging 6 Volt: 6
  • Amps 12 Volt: 2/6

Regular: $75.97
Sale: $68.37

24V Automatic Charger

Product Num: DSR INC-2405

Manufacturer: DSR Prof. Products

<ul><li>5 amp, 24 volt fully automatic, microprocessor controlled charger</li><li>Designed to be mounted to a flat surface</li><li>Includes quick-disconnect battery clamps, ring terminals and 3-pin XLR 3-12C cables</li><li>Charger status LED indicators</li><li>Multi-stage charging algorithm</li><li>Safe-start, reverse polarity and short circuit protection – the charger will not apply current to the battery clamps until they are properly connected</li><li>Maintain mode – monitors the battery voltage to keep it fully charged</li><li>Temperature controlled cooling fan for efficient operation and peak performance</li><li>Heavy duty aluminum case – weighs less than 2 pounds</li><li>Charges 24 volt lead-acid, AGM and gel cell batteries</li><li>Perfect for mobilized wheelchairs, electric scooters, hospital beds and other battery powered devices with hard-to-access batteries</li></ul>

Regular: $118.52
Sale: $100.74

10 amp / 2 amp manual or fully automatic battery charger

Product Num: DSR PS-1022MA

Manufacturer: DSR Prof. Products

  • Auto / Manual Charging Mode
  • 75 amp clamp size
  • Amps 12 Volt: 2/10

Regular: $104.05
Sale: $74.75

50 amp/10 amp/2 amp manual battery charger & engine starter

Product Num: DSR PS-1025

Manufacturer: DSR Prof. Products

  • Manual Charging Mode
  • 75 amp clamp size
  • Amps 12 Volt: 2/10
  • 50 Starting Amps

Regular: $109.05
Sale: $92.69

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