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Hoses and Manifolds

R134A Refrigerant with Extreme Cold® Synthetic Booster, 13 oz

Product Num: FJC 685

Manufacturer: FJC Inc

<ul><li>Lowers duct temperatures up to 15% - compatible with all Ester and PAG oils</li><li>Extends compressor life - restores seals and Orings</li></ul>

Regular: $10.88
Sale: $9.65

R1234YF, R134a and R12 Aluminum Manifold Gauge Set

Product Num: FJC 6850

Manufacturer: FJC Inc

<ul><li>Service R1234YF, R134a and R12 systems</li><li>Includes: 72&quot; charging hoses and manual couplers</li></ul>

Regular: $216.09
Sale: $183.68

Manifold with Quick Coupler Plug

Product Num: LNG 71317

Manufacturer: LNG

Regular: $17.57
Sale: $15.81

3/8" Quick Disconnect Hose Assembly with Standard Schrader Test Port

Product Num: LNG 74493

Manufacturer: LNG

Regular: $38.00
Sale: $34.20

1/4" Quick Disconnect Hose Assembly with Standard Schrader

Product Num: LNG 74499

Manufacturer: LNG

Regular: $45.88
Sale: $41.29

R134a Aluminum Manifold Gauge Set

Product Num: MC 289772-CL

Manufacturer: MasterCool

<ul><li>(3) 72&quot; hoses</li><li>Couplers</li><li>Gauge guards</li></ul>

Regular: $112.37
Sale: $83.13

Deluxe Dual R-12 / 134A Aluminum Gauge Set with 96" Hoses

Product Num: MC 293996-PB-CL

Manufacturer: MasterCool

<ul><li>Extra long hose for access to heavy duty, buses, fleet and refrigerated trucks systems.</li><li>Includes heavy duty manual couplers, tank adapter, gauge guards, flutter free gauges in plastic box</li></ul>

Regular: $124.41
Sale: $105.75

R1234yf Aluminum Manifold Gauge Set

Product Num: MC 83272

Manufacturer: MasterCool

<ul><li>Anti-flutter gauges smooth out needle movement</li><li>E-Z to read temperature scales on gauge face</li><li>E-Z to recalibrate gauges to insure accuracy</li><li>Extra large sight glass for visual checks of refrigerant</li><li>Easy grip front-facing knobs</li><li>Piston type free-floating valves reduce o-ring wear</li><li>Manifold block assembled with (3) 12mm-F fittings per SAE J2888</li><li>Red &amp; Blue Nylon barrier hoses with 12mm-M fittings on both sides meets SAE J2888, EPA, SAE and UL standards</li><li>Yellow hose 12mm fitting on one side and 1/2 x 16 LH acme on the other meets SAE J2888</li><li>R1234yf high and low side couplers with extended disconnect protection sleeve meets SAE J639 and J2888</li></ul>

Regular: $280.32
Sale: $174.13

60" Blue 14mm-M x 1/2" ACME-F Hose

Product Num: MC 84601

Manufacturer: MasterCool

Regular: $24.61
Sale: $22.15

60" Yellow with Shut-Off Valve- 1/2" ACME F

Product Num: MC 84602

Manufacturer: MasterCool

Regular: $32.28
Sale: $29.05

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