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Clutch Tools

A/C Clutch Remover Kit

Product Num: APT 7886

Manufacturer: Astro Pneumatic

  • Replaces clutches found on FS6, C171, 6P and 148 compressors GM R4 and A6, HR-6, DA-6 and V5 A/C compressors, Sanden compressors SD505, 507, 510, 575, 708 and 709
  • 2 and 3 hole puller plate fits most clutches and mechanical force does the pulling
  • Blow molded case for easy storage and transport
  • Case Dimensions: 9" (L) x 8" (W) x 2" (H)

Regular: $45.73
Sale: $35.84

Compressor Clutch Hub Puller Installer Kit

Product Num: FJC 2925

Manufacturer: FJC Inc

  • Use with GM, Ford, Chrysler and imports
  • Compressor guide included
  • Molded storage case

Regular: $108.68
Sale: $92.38

Clutch Hub Puller/Installer

Product Num: MC 91000-A

Manufacturer: MasterCool

  • For GM, Ford, Chrysler and Imports
  • Includes a compressor identification chart

Regular: $123.88
Sale: $87.24

A/C Clutch Holding Tool

Product Num: OT 4537

Manufacturer: OTC

  • This three-stud spanner wrench keeps the A/C clutch from turning when loosening or tightening the retaining nut
  • Adjusts quickly with brass thumbscrews to fit various styles of A/C compressors used on GM, Ford and Chrysler vehicles
  • Also fits a variety of other pulleys

Regular: $19.95
Sale: $17.91

A/C Clutch Pulley Puller Set

Product Num: OT 4536

Manufacturer: OTC

  • For removal of stubborn air conditioning clutch pulleys. Also can be used on many alternator, generator, power steering and crankshaft pulleys, harmonic balancers and fiber timing gears
  • Set includes drop-forged components: one 3/4"-16 x 5" live center forcing screw, 5-1/2" crossbar with 3 spread settings, two pair of jaws and a clamp bolt
  • Spread: 3" to 5", Reach: 1" to 5"
  • Includes blow-molded plastic case

Regular: $92.95
Sale: $83.66

A/C Clutch Hub Remover/Installer Set

Product Num: OT 4535

Manufacturer: OTC

  • For damage-free removal and installation of the clutch hubs on these air conditioning compressors: GM-Harrison DA-6, HR-5, V-5, A-6 and early R4; Nippondenso Ford/Chrysler A590, C171, FS-6, 6P148A (new style); Sanden and Sankyo; York/Tecumseh HR980; Zexel/Mitsubishi CH series
  • Set includes a removing flange, plus forcing screws and adapter assemblies to remove and install virtually all clutch hubs
  • Includes blow-molded plastic case

Regular: $103.95
Sale: $86.44

Clutch Plate Tool

Product Num: RO 10861

Manufacturer: TIF / Robinair

For GM A6 and R4 Compressors

Regular: $29.95
Sale: $26.96

Clutch Plate Remover

Product Num: RO 41067

Manufacturer: TIF / Robinair

For GM DA6, HR6, and V5 compressors

Regular: $32.95
Sale: $29.66

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