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Compressor Turner Tool

Product Num: CLP 67700

Manufacturer: ClipLight

  • Helps free a compressor that has seized due to sticky protective coatings

Regular: $40.68
Sale: $36.61

Recycle Guard Filters

Product Num: CLP 72110

Manufacturer: ClipLight

  • Optimum lifetime - 30 hours

Regular: $64.37
Sale: $57.93

Recycle Guard Filter

Product Num: CLP 72102

Manufacturer: ClipLight

  • Works with all R-134a A/C service equipment while maintaining closed loop refrigerant flush capacity
  • Includes Auxiliary Hose
  • The Recycle Guard also maintains refrigerant flow
  • Traps and remove contaminants
  • Attaches to any R134a recycler

Regular: $377.81
Sale: $281.75

Fin Comb

Product Num: FJC 2740

Manufacturer: FJC Inc

  • Straightens bent fins on A/C condensers and radiators to increase air flow

Regular: $12.97
Sale: $9.86

R134a Highside Gauge

Product Num: FJC 6135

Manufacturer: FJC Inc

Regular: $14.06
Sale: $12.65

R134a Lowside Gauge

Product Num: FJC 6136

Manufacturer: FJC Inc

Regular: $14.06
Sale: $12.65

A/C Insulation Tape - 30''

Product Num: FJC 2862

Manufacturer: FJC Inc

<ul><li>Insulates and seals parts</li><li>Protect parts from heat</li><li>Sticks to metal or rubber</li></ul>

Regular: $17.49
Sale: $15.74

Orifice Tube Remover/Installer Kit

Product Num: FJC 2830

Manufacturer: FJC Inc

  • Easily removes orifice tubes without damage
  • Storage case included
  • For standard and "T" top orifice tubes

Regular: $35.71
Sale: $26.87

14 Pc. OE R134a Replacement Service Port Cap Assortment

Product Num: FJC 2686

Manufacturer: FJC Inc

<ul><li>Replacement R134a service ports and caps</li></ul>

Regular: $54.72
Sale: $49.25

FJC Replacement Filter for Robinair TM A/C Recovery Machine

Product Num: FJC 6998

Manufacturer: FJC Inc

  • One of the Most Popular Refrigerant Recovery Machine Filters in Use Today
  • Fits the Following Robinairâ„¢ A/C Recovery Machine Models: 17700A, 34300-2K, 34800, 17700Z, 34700, 34800-2K, 17700-2K, 34700Z, 34801-2K, 34134A, 34700-2K, 34900, 34234, 34711-2K, and 342000

Regular: $60.11
Sale: $54.10

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